Google Algorithms – Launches & Updates Since 2010

Looking for information is just a click of a button away for us. In the present world Google search engine is a constant companion to all our questions. However, the process of search is not as easy as it looks. The search engine utilizes a range of Google algorithms that contributes in presenting the user with the most relevant search results.

For a single keyword typed, Google screens over thousands of information to give us a handful of the most relevant data. For this Google uses various algorithms that draws out the most relevant information that is useful to the searcher. These Google algorithms are updated and upgraded frequently to accommodate the increasing volume of data.

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Google algorithms apart from filtering searches also protect the interest of genuine sites improving its ranks. Google uses search spiders to crawl through pages and rank sites according to the contents of the site. Algorithm also helps in improving the visibility of sites by listing it in the top pages that increases the chances of searchers clicking on the site’s link.

Google is infamous for its frequently changing algorithm. The frequently changing and updating algorithms of Google are not new for any webmaster who uses the search engine. These algorithms sometimes severely hits sites especially the low ranking ones.

Google algorithms essentially divided into three major sections:-

1. Pigeon algorithm is greatly beneficial for local search marketers increasing the visibility of relevant websites.

2. Panda algorithm rigorously screens low quality and duplicate contents.

3. Penguin checks on bad or spammy links or the absence of relevant links in a site.

Apart from these Google’s Hummingbird and Pirate are two other components of Google algorithms. Both are however said to be intelligent algorithms. Hummingbird mainly predicts the keywords that the users are searching for thereby predicting the texts. It can be said that the Hummingbird algorithm predicts the intension of the user on what he is searching for.

Pirate, as the name suggests, prevents piracy of contents and checks into the violation of copyright issues on contents. This Google algorithm also takes care to remove any site that commits malicious practices and prevents those from ranking higher in the search engine result page.

Google Algorithms Infographic


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