Few Easy Steps To Increase Comments On Your Blog

Everyone wants to be a blogger now. They assume it to be a very simple task and think that they can become the best blogger over the night. Such optimistic attitude is appreciable, but there are key points every blogger needs to concentrate on. Else one would end up being one among the billion, who just to do it for the money. In order to ensure quality, you need to increase comments on your blog.

Not every blog gets its reward. The content of your blog should reach out to the audience you put it up for. One of the key factors governing the success of a blog is the comments that are posted for the blog. The more the comments, the more the reach of the blog! The comments always end up to be the best critic for a particular blog. Hence, you should work toward increasing comments on your blog. Comments represent public’s view on the blog.
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Read on to discover how you can increase the comments on your blog!
To bring in soul to your blog
The main point on which every blogger must work on is to engage the reader from the first to the last word of the blog. For that, one must deliver the blog with his whole heart and soul. Viewers should feel connected to the blog. This increases their chances of them commenting on the blog.
Communicate with the reader
The blogger should basically communicate with the reader through his words. The viewers must forget the fact that they are reading and should get a feel like they are talking to the blogger himself. The blog should bridge the gap between the writer and the reader. The key factor is to make the reader live through every word of the blog which matters a lot.
Fetch more subscribers
Increase Comments On Your Blog
Most of the readers are hindered from commenting on a particular blog for various reasons like not a signed user of the website, new to the website, not subscribed to the site etc. Hence the blogger should work on ways to get users subscribe to their work. Initially they must offer various facilities to the readers and make them understand that subscribing is pretty beneficial and worth it. Providing more access to your other works, gifting them various e-books would do. They will feel closer to the site and the blogger. This increases their chances of posting comments on your blog. Subscription would make their visit to the blog-spot more frequent which directly increases the chances of receiving more comments on your blog.
Communicate through questions
Asking easy questions at the end of the every blog is just asking for more comments. Every reader would have his own positive and negative views about the blog. Such questions would definitely bridge the gap between the reader and blogger and hence they would end up giving comments on your blog. Questions always do the trick and would fetch you more comments than any way possible.
Respond to their comments
The readers always like reciprocation. If they have commented and it goes unnoticed then chances of them commenting again decreases. Hence the blogger must respond to as many comments on your blog. This would make the readers feel happy and would instigate them to comment again in future. The blogger must basically maintain a proper connection with every reader for his own benefits.
Stats suggest that blogs with more comments drive more traffic to a website than the normal ones. Comments do make a lot of difference to blogs. Every blog deserves appreciation for the amount of work put into it. Comments help the blogger to develop his work too.

Few Easy Steps To Increase Comments On Your Blog


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