Google Shopping Campaign Will Boost Conversion For Brand

After remaining in the beta stage for quite a long time, Google finally rolled out the Google shopping campaign for advertisers and marketers to use. This roll out will greatly benefit marketers especially retailers, with its simple product management system. The Google shopping campaign will also streamline the AdSpend on promotional ads and PPC.

The Google shopping campaign with its many new features has almost replaced the previously used Product Listing Ads campaign. Launched in its beta stage on October 2013, its initial aim was to save marketers from the complexity of Product Listing Ad campaign.

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The official rollout is great news for advertisers as its features help in easy marketing and promotion of products in the search engine. Advertisers can place their product inventory straight within the Google AdWords. This campaign will also allow marketers to keep a check on the various promotional investments like the CTR and CPC. Analysis of performance of the products along with product bidding and evaluation of competitive data is also something that this new shopping campaign will provide.

Senior product manager at Google Shopping, Paul Bankhead said, “Shopping campaigns allow for a retail-centric experience with advanced reporting and the ability to better understand and analyze the competitive landscape.”


Few brands have already been using the Shopping campaign for its ads and product promotion in Google search engine. PetSmart is one such site that has been using the campaign and have benefited greatly from it. With the Google shopping campaign in focus, this retailer saw 15% increase in the conversion through ad clicks.

The new campaign has also boosted sales through mobiles as it replaces Product listing ads. Hence it takes into consideration online sale as well as the physical sale of product after an online search.

This shopping campaign has been a huge success for the medium and small retail advertisers as well. Few companies like the German retailer Real realized an increase of 88% in its conversion rate in its online store. This was since it launched the Google shopping campaign.

Mobile devices have greatly contributed in boosting the brand performance of the shopping campaign. Online sale through mobile devices has increased immensely. Location-based search is conducted the highest with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Hence normally these kinds of searches often result in immediate conversion. With the Google shopping campaign, marketers can monitor the searches and directly see which products interest the customers more. This would help marketers promote those products more in the online market. Google shopping campaign dynamically display promos while monitoring the actual inventory as well.


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