Four Ways For Businesses To Procure Backlinks For Website

For any business, the main aim is to push your website higher in the search engine page rank so that it is displayed in the first page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Backlinks in a website work as the anchor that helps pull up your site. When you procure backlinks for website, you expose it to a higher number of visitors.

However, to procure backlinks for a website is not easy. Working heavily on your website SEO is essential to procure quality backlinks. Time here plays an advantage. The older your site is, the higher are its chances to rank in the first few pages of the search engine.

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For any website, SEO is divided into two major parts, on-site and off-site SEO. While onsite SEO inlcudes elements like Meta description and title tags, off-site SEO consists chiefly of social signals and backlinks.

The best method to enhance your website ranking is to procure backlinks for website that are of high quality. Procuring high quality backlinks ensures that your blog gains visibility and has better traffic.

Google’s Penguin algorithm is a penalising tool that targets sites that contain spammy links and severely punishes such sites. Many websites might use spammy backlinks just to gain its SEO and visbility. To eradicate such spammy links, Penguin algorithm is very effective.

Maintaining the quality of your links, while you procure backlinks for website, is very important to avoid a Penguin update hit. There are several methods to procure backlinks for website. These include natural backlinks procurement techniques along with heavy SEO.

Natural backlink building

Backlinks are a great way to increase the visibility of a website and improve its page rank. If the content of your webpages is good, webmasters will link your site with their’s. However, the quality of a content will not always remain the same. If the contents of your website is relevant to what visitors are looking for and is of good qaulity, your site is bound to get quality backlinks. These, however, might not be enough for your SEO efforts. You might not see big variation in the page rank or traffic. Change in SEO through backlinks takes time. However, procuring backlinks for website is the key element of organic SEO.

Directory listing

Listing in directories is essential if you are seriously looking for your website to gain proper page rank. Directories like DMOZ, Yahoo, etc. are good quality directories that can help you procure backlinks for the website that you list in these directories. Listing your wesbite in these directories helps your site get noticed by the search engine as well as prospective customers. Listing your website in the directories is free, however you need to wait before you can select a category of your relevance.

Posting in forums

If you want anchor text and and quality backlinks, you can always try posting in forums and blogs. These are regularly indexed by serach engine spiders and hence has a higher chance to gain quick visibility. However, keeping in sync with the content needs of the forum is important as irrelevant content is often edited or removed altogether. Hence, it would be hard to get backlinks in this case. If in any case the forum has been prevented from being indexed by the search engines, posting on such sites.

Exchanging contents

Free RSS feeds to sites that are interested in your website often exchange contents among them. Exchanging contents are great to procure backlinks for website. Link building through RSS feeds is quite simple. Your site gets a backlink each time the other site publishes your RSS feed. This also helps in gaining traffic to your site as other sites displays just the headlines. Hence if you plan to exchange RSSfeed, remember to make the headlines of your contents arresting enough to gain attention.

News blogs

Blogs and contents related to anything that is trending sometimes prove to be great for traffic building to yoour site. Publishing contents with mentions of a latest news can be great to procure backlinks for website. The official site of the product or service where the news has been released provides qulity backlink to your site. This also pulls in many visitors to your site. However, solely depending on this technique to procure backlinks for website is not worth as you have to keep waiting for a particular new product or service to launch. Only then can you create a relevant content that you can get backlinks for.

Procuring backlinks is essential if you want to have organic traffic to yoursite. It contributes in improving your site’s SEO and page rank in the search engine as well as the visibility of your website.

Four Ways For Businesses To Procure Backlinks For Website


How To Go About Outsourcing Web Design Through Social Media

Web designing is a tricky technical job that requires great skill and experience. A good web designer can make trend setting web designs that could take your web site and marketing to great heights. But unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with the time and facilities to gather the needed knowledge and expertise in web designing. Hiring an in-house special team solely for the purpose of web designing does not seem to be a feasible solution in many situations. Outsourcing web design has come across as a much prevalent practice.

Hiring an in-house team involves cost overheads, management overheads and a very long hiring process. All this can seem rather unnecessary, especially when the website development is not really the core functionality of your company. This is when an outsourcing model comes to help. By outsourcing web design project to a specialist, companies can save so much of valuable time, energy and money.

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How is outsourcing done?

Outsourcing web design basically means that you transfer your work to an offshore site or freelancers who do the work or deliver services for you in return for a payment. Outsourcing to skilled professionals assures good quality and timely delivery. Outsourcing works in different models like time and material, fixed quote and staff augmentation.

Selecting the right designers using social media

While outsourcing is a boon to small and medium businesses in getting their job done, if you don’t select the right outsourcing company you will end up losing more than you originally had. If you happen to have fallen prey for the fancy words of unskilled programmers or disloyal designers, your design project may never get delivered or might be useless once you have put it into actual use. One way to choose the right designers can be social media.

Social media is a powerful tool with abundant information on companies, freelancers. They provide a wonderful communicational platform where you can get honest reviews and information on almost anything. Outsourcing web design companies and freelance developers host their profiles and contact information on many social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and many other freelancing portals like craigslist. A simple Google search alone is capable of producing a list of hundreds of such outsourcing companies and freelancers.

Companies Outsourcing Web Design

But not all of them are capable of outsourcing web design efficiently. Many platforms that allow you to hire freelancers like the freelancer.comand have both individuals and companies posting their jobs there. You can use these platforms as testing areas to gain confidence on the outsourcing companies. Once you have established a good relationship with the outsourcing company you can continue to have your jobs outsourced without having to go through the platforms.

Here are some guidelines that you can help you select the right company outsourcing web design for using social media.

i. Screen all the candidates according to the price, skills and services needed. Use filtering tools and advanced search options to get the companies and freelancer profiles shortlisted.

ii. Contact the shortlisted companies or freelancers with a short email or sales forms describing your needs. Be specific with your requirements and keep them complete and ready so that developers can bid you with accurate knowledge. This will help you choose better.

iii. Look up the blogs written by the freelancers or the social media pages maintained by them to get an idea about their skills and past experiences.

iv. Get help from forums and groups focused on web designing in selecting the right outsourcers.

v. Look into their professional profiles hosted in LinkedIn or similar portals.

vi. Look for their client testimonials in social media and reviews on their previous works.

vii. Pay attention the outsourcing company’s market presence and online branding using social media to evaluate their trust level and service quality.

Social media and online portals are a great way to start looking for outsourcing companies. These platforms provide you with an array of skilled freelancers, specialists and professional design teams. Choose wisely and you will have more time to focus on your creativity and business productivity.

How The Newsletter Sign Up Generates Organic Traffic?

Every time a new venture or business is started online, a website is created. Keeping the level at which the competition is increasing today, every owner or marketer would want his/ her website to look spectacular, which is why the help of an expert is sought. This expert is obviously expert in his business. He is going to help you ensure that the website of your business is effective and assists you in some or the other way. Heard about organic traffic? Come, lets discuss!

When a website is created, the main motive is not to get paid traffic but organic traffic. Organic traffic refers to the traffic that your website receives due to unpaid search results. Now talking in terms of traffic, more traffic means more sales. In turn, more sales mean more profits. Hence, getting down to the equation, more is the traffic, more are the profits for your business.

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The Mythology…

When a website is created with the objective of bringing in traffic, it is usually organic traffic. The entire set of information and content that is put up on the website is going to be absolutely a waste if it does not get viewed, more specifically by the targeted customer groups. Greater traffic for your website will also help your business approach a wider audience.

Further, while the paid traffic, as the name suggests has been paid for, this is absolutely free. As the name suggests for this one, it is not artificial. There are numerous ways of generating organic traffic for your website. You could have very simple messages displayed on various social media sites. The choice of these sites will inevitably depend on your target groups. You could also place a small video message on sites like YouTube. Or you could also have the keywords related to your site put up, that will also generate organic traffic through search engines. Another very effective way of fulfilling the same objective is getting more and more sign-ups for your newsletter.

Quality Organic Traffic

This method is very cost effective and has shown incredible results in the past. This is yet another method of marketing your business. Depending on the kind of business that you are running online, you could draft a newsletter, the contents of which too will be based on the goods and services that your company or business has to offer. You could also choose to include in this newsletter a full-fledged section on the success stories of your business. Show them what you are really worth of!

You could not only send a newsletter for the purpose of advertising your company, butorganic traffic will also earn you more and more worth as a company and will greatly add to your brand name. Further, these are not the only benefits, through this method; more and more people will be informed of the existence of your business, the products and service that you are willing to offer and the success rate of your business as well. This way you are also pitching in for more and more people who might be willing to buy your products.

In nutshell…

This is an absolutely free opportunity for you to multiply your returns by great numbers. The cost of getting an e-newsletter is negligible. You also don’t have to hire another individual for this right at the beginning. Instead, wait till this system fetches you some extra notes and then out of those profits, you could hire another expert and further improve the quality of your newsletter. This is how it works; it is up to you from here on. You could sit back and let go of all the money that you could make, or you could make a simple newsletter and climb more steps up the ladder of your success.

Build Facebook App With React Native And Javascript

If you are a developer, then an app library would definitely attract you. And what app can be better than the popular Facebook app. According to recent reports, Facebook has made its app library React Native available to developers.

This library would greatly benefit developers as it would be easier for them to build native applications for iOS and Android operating system. The React Native will be using Facebook’s library of React and JavaScript for developing applications.

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As the library has been delivered by Facebook itself, compilation of apps with React Native provides you with an interface that is perfect for iOS and Android devices. As users are more accustomed to using these devices, understanding and working with the apps created by React Native will be quite simple. The codes are entirely native and hence the apps created are native as well.

Facebook has already been quite vocal about this new open source framework. Facebook has shifted its coding language from HTML to React Native. It has also implemented the JavaScript langauge in its own applications like the Facebook Groups App.

Facebook React Native

This new coding framework allows developers to write codes in a single language from any platform that the developer is comfortable to write.

The release of React Native and making the library open source proved to be great news for the developers. They are now able to develop and write codes in the framework and see the results as well in a few minutes. The best thing about this coding framework is that developers need not recompile the entire application. They just need to rewrite few parts of the entire application.

Facebook software developer Tom Occhino wrote, “ What we really want is the user experience of the native mobile platforms, combined with the developer experience we have when building with React on the Web,”

However, developers will have to write two distinct set of codes for their application development. One native app for desktops and laptops and another for mobile devices. This is so that developers can use one framework while inputting their personal touch in every applications.

Effects Of Mobile Advertising On The SEO Of A Website

The age of “mobile revolution” is here. The consumer behavior is slowly and steadily shifting focus from desktops and laptops to smartphones. In this scenario, many questions arise pertaining to the effect of this revolution on the marketers; the performance of SEO; the impact of mobile ads as against their desktop counterparts, and what not! As of now, mobile advertising is taking the ground.

Merry Megas from Morgan Stanley has postulated that mobile internet is growing faster than the desktops internet and it will be bigger than most of us can estimate. Why does she say that? If we take a step back in time and look how technology developed, we see that back in the 60s we had the main frame computers which were clunky slow and huge. Then when we fast-forwarded two decades and moved into the 80s and we come into the decade of personal computers. These, in spite, of being way advanced and small and being able to perform way faster and better, were still perceived as slow and not very powerful. Moving forward two more decades we came into the age of mobiles that are smarter and faster which paves the way for mobile advertising.

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Mobile advertising

Coming to mobile advertising, it is quite easy for big brands to be at the top spot but what do a small or a mid-size businessmen with a great idea and how do you gain visibility for your idea and your business. Let’s go back to the fixed line internet. How did it work then? You had to ensure that your website comes up in the top ten search results on Google. This way you get free or cheap traffic to your website and you are in business. If you don’t manage to be listed on the top 10 of these search results when using the relevant keyword then you are in trouble.

Mobile SEO

How does this translate to a mobile, in mobile you have to be on the top 25 list of the download charts else you will not be found. There are ways to get yourself up there. Research has shown that 96% of browsers visit the web page of the top 25 at least once a week. You need to be up there for which you would need the help of mobile advertising.

Mobile Advertising Advantages

The handset is far smarter, the data more reliable, internet plans became affordable and the user interface is super friendly. All this has led to a boom in the mobile web traffic and with it followed a boom in mobile search.

Mobile advertising Vs online ads

Analysis of more than 450 mobile ads, including banners, videos, and apps, shows us that mobile advertising is effective. They typically impact the awareness, ad awareness, message association, favorability, and purchase intent to a much greater extent than online ads.

Research shows that the best ads on mobile devices increase brand awareness by 17 percent, brand favorability by 14 percent, and purchase intent by 18 percent. By contrast, the worst performing ads actually have a detrimental effect on the brand.

Effect of mobile advertising on SEO

Mobile advertising provides an opportunity to reach people by offering them something they want. Good apps are quick, free, and easy to download. They work for all software versions without crashing and they are more fun than desktop sites. Hence it follows that these ads would get more traffic to your website, increasing its SEO standing. Mobile ads are more reactive in terms of hit and click options. With a smartphone, clicking becomes easier and people who browse through a mobile are more often than not passing time or are window browsing which in turn leads them to click on the attractive mobile ads more often than the desktop ones.

How To Increase Website Traffic After An Algorithm Hit

An update of any Google algorithm makes webmaster scuttle around to make amends in their website so that they are not hit. A Google algorithm hit can severely affect your website especially if your site is of a low rank. Once a site is hit by Google algorithm, the traffic to that website falls sharply. To increase that, you need to increase website traffic too. This also results in reduced visibility for that site.

Recovering from an algorithm is easier said than done. A webmaster has to work quite hard to push up the rank and increase website traffic. It has often been seen that improving the ranks after a hit becomes quite difficult.

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What can be the reason for your site not improving in the ranks? Let’s check.

Link powered websites

In the internet, there are a number of sites, that do not possess any valuable or relevant content. Rather, it survived only on the outbound links that it had generated from its webpages. These sites gain rank as it share and contain powerful backlinks to genuine sites. These websites might not be entirely spammy, but they do not create any original content. Rather they depend upon the contents of other websites.

Sites like these may observe a fall in their page ranks even after the penalty is lifted. This may be because your website deserves the present rank according to the new alogorithm.

To improve the rank and increase website traffic becomes a challenge for the webmasters.

Spams not cleared

Tips To Increase Website Traffic

Sometimes, even sites with original and genuine content fail to gain ranking in the Google search page. While they keep scratching their heads, searching for faults, it might turn out not to be their fault at all.

Sites can be spammed because of poor and spammy backlinks within the site. Webmasters can also be required to use the disavow tool to forcefully remove spammy unnatural links within the site.

You should regularly check the presence of any spammy and unnatural links and remove it. Presence of spammy links can be fatal to your site as it would pull down your rank if your site is hit by Google.

If your site has some on-site issues, a Panda update can affect your site severely. Alternatively you can also perform a site audit to check and improve your site rank.

The presence of natural and good quality links in your site too helps in improving your site’s fallen rank.

Recovery of your website to return to its previous rank and to increase website traffic sometimes becomes tough. However, it is not something impossible to achieve. Try removing all your spam links and making your site spam free. This is perhaps the best way to prevent your site from getting hit by any algorithm updates.

Top Fourteen Powerful Website Analytical Tools

Websites perform in different ways according to the promotional techniques employed by webmasters. For webmasters, the first priority is to make their website appear on the first page of Google search engine result page. Website analytical tools are measuring metrics that help in analyzing and evaluating your website.

The Internet has a number of website analytical tools that provides you with different metrics as well as says where your website stands in the SERP. You are served with a number of different metrics like traffic volume, bounce rate, visitor duration, social metric, keywords, click through rates and even AdSpend.

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However, if you are promoting your website online, sticking to a few tools will do your work. Webmasters throughout the globe are of the view that Google Analytics is by far the best analytical tool for any website. This is because it delivers you a range of statistics regarding your website that it gathers from different signals and delivers them to you.

Still, not all tools will be of your help as analytical data requirement varies in accordance with your business. While some websites may require higher click through rates, others would benefit more from conversion. Hence, before selecting an analytical tool, you need to know your priority.

Different website analytical tools have different functionalities. The main purpose of such tools is to point out the shortcomings of your website and to work towards the eradication of faults.

Analyzing the current situation of your website gives you an idea of what its current stature is in the search engine. This gives you a clearer idea of your website as well as the effort that will be required to push the visibility.

Chalk out a road map for your website and try sticking to your targets. Website analytical tools here play an important role as you can keep a check on the progress of your websites at frequent intervals. It prevents you from spending mindlessly on the search engine and gives you proper and definitive purpose for your website ranking. Being a cyclical process, constant analysis and correction is absolutely essential to keep your website rank on the higher side.