Phone Charging Bracelet That You Can Carry Anywhere

Heavy users of smartphones on the go will now have a lengthened battery life. Q Design an upstart technology company has designed an innovative kind of cell phone charger that doubles up as a bracelet. This phone charging bracelet has been designed with an inbuilt charging pin that lets you juice up your phone on the move.

Most of the wearable devices at present are mainly smartwatches. These wearables work in sync with your smartphones. However, none of these helps let your smartphone charge up. This device is an innovation in itself. This phone charging bracelet has been named as QBracelet by the makers.
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The phone charging bracelet has been designed keeping in mind the fashion quotient. It is a sleek circular bracelet with clasp that can be unlocked to reveal the charging pin. QDesign has manufactured the bracelet in three main colors. There are two variants in black and silver and one in gold.
Phone Charging Bracelet QDesign
How it works:
The bracelet is filled with lithium ion cells that are rechargeable. The clasp that keeps the bracelet together has a pin that can be plugged into your Smartphone and it starts to juice up. The bracelet can charge up your phone up to 60%. It takes approximately an hour to charge up your cell phone.
The bracelet itself takes approximately 90minutes to fully charge up. There is a USB port present in the clasp of the bracelet through which it can be charged. Once the bracelet is charged it can last for up to nearly 30 days.
The phone charging bracelet can be used to charge iOS as well as Android smartphones.
QDesign is a budding technology company that plans to design tech devices that will be useful as well as a fashion statement. The phone charging bracelet is a chunky device that has been skillfully designed. It will not be noticed as anything but a fashion piece until you open up the bracelet to charge your smartphone with it.
The QBracelet is available at a price of $79. This is the rate for pre-orders. The retail prices have been announced at $99. Pre-order shipments will begin during the end of December.

Phone Charging Bracelet That You Can Carry Anywhere


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