Increase Customer Loyalty Online With SUS

Retaining customers is really tough especially in today’s tech driven world. With thousands of websites selling various products and ideas, customers are open to choose from a number of websites. This has made holding on customers really tough. A small slit in your service and you end up losing valuable customers. This has caused the marketers to put in more effort to increase customer loyalty and retention.

Customers always like to get a bit extra for the same price. Rewards are definitely a good way to increase customer loyalty online. This will also benefit your site as more people will search for your site pushing up your page rank while also increasing your returns on investment.

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Rewarding customer loyalty

It is already evident that this kind of reward will be prioritized to customers who are loyal to your brand. In other words, customers who use products religiously from your website need to be rewarded. Loyalty rewards are very common and generally consist of small tokens of appreciation. This may include gift vouchers, cash prize, extra discounts etc.

System Usability Scale and customer loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty Online

From the SEO point of view, the System Usability Scale (SUS) is a metric used to measure the loyalty of customers. SUS is based on a questionnaire. This questionnaire is a freely distributed set of 10 questions. The Usability Scale ranges from 0 to 100. This has been one of the most used measuring units for Usability professionals certainly because the result yield and measurement is rather simple.

The minimum standard score for a site to have good System Usability Scale is 80. If your site scores above this scale, it has high chances to increase customer loyalty. Understanding the browsing behavior of customers is as important as the questions they seek answers for. If you deliver a quality website with good content in it, your customers are bound to follow it.

CTR and customer loyalty:

CTR of a site will increase when users find the site to be usable. Usability of a site will always increase customer loyalty towards that site. Understanding the techniques of usability is therefore important. The system usability scale lets SEO analyst understand the nature of customers. With better knowledge of customer psychology, product delivery gets better. Satisfied customers result in increasing ROI.


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