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How to Increase lifespan of laptop? So much has been said and written over time on this topic that its already on the verge of being cliche. Lifespan of laptop varies according to brands. Some may last longer than you think; others may leave you in the middle of an important presentation. So many brands manufacture laptops, but no matter how good the brand is, at the end of the day it is an electronic device and with time it loses its power.

A common misconception among consumers is that when it comes to electronic devices especially laptop the only option that looks better than repair is replacement. But you must know that if you use it carefully you might end up using it for more than seven to eight years. So, if you have just bought a laptop or using one that is loosing it’s power there are some simple steps that you can follow to increase it’s lifespan.

How to increase lifespan of laptop with eight simple steps:

• Careful Handling – You must understand that it is a portable device but not a shakable device. So, never shake it vigorously. When it comes to holding, it is always important to hold it from the base and not from the screen as you might end up damaging the screen. Laptops are designed to handle daily wear and tear, but if you spill something on it then immediately clean it up to avoid any sort of damage. In such an occasion do switch off the system so that you do not run a risk of electrocution. Make sure to invest in the right bag. Most bags just provide support not protection so make sure to buy one that not only holds your laptop properly but protects it as well. Keep the laptop on an even surface while working.

• Cleaning Hardware – There is a fan vent through which the heat generated by the laptop goes out. With usage, dust particles accumulate in that vent and it gets blocked leaving no room for the heat to escape. This damages the laptop; hence you must clean the vent properly. Never try to open the laptop to clean the interiors by on your own, always seek help of a professional. Most companies offer free maintenance and repair so do avail their service.

• Switching Off – Make sure all the programs are closed before switching off your system. Also it is convenient to keep to laptop on always if you are used to work from home too but this could damage the laptop in the long term. Switch off your laptop whenever you are not using it. At times certain applications including windows may hang while shutting down, so if you force it to shut down then you will end up decreasing the lifespan of laptop unintentionally. Next time you are in a rush try to spare few more seconds and wait for some time for your system to shut down completely.

• Replace the Hardware – Instead of investing in a new laptop try to invest in a new hardware, this is an important part of how to increase lifespan of laptop. You must use a solid state drive and a bigger hard drive. Add more RAM, it will not only increase the lifespan of your laptop but will also improve its performance. Unless you are a hardware genius never try to install the hardware all by yourself as you might end up damaging parts that are functioning properly.

• Original Software – The software you use on your laptop might damage the hardware if you are not using licensed versions. Make sure to install original and licensed version of the software. It will not only increase lifespan of laptop but it will enhance its performance. It goes without saying that you must always install the latest version of antivirus software to stay protected.

• Never Over Charge – If you are charging your laptop always ensure you unplug the charger once the laptop has been charged. Over charging damages the battery faster. Over charging also generates more heat which is harmful for the laptop.

• Delete Unused Files and Folders – We all download images, videos, and data in our computer. We also install so many other programs which over time we stop using or become redundant. Delete unused programs and files from your computer as with time they tend to make your computer slower and you can not make optimum use of it.

• Keep Backup – Though you maybe doing everything possible to ensure smooth running of your laptop it might still crash sometime or might get virus infected. Keep backup of all you data and files somewhere else to make sure you do not end up losing important data if it ever happens. Do this once a month and you should be safe in case there is an emergency.

These are basic steps which will not take much of your time and neither do you have to be a techie to follow. If you keep these points in mind over time you will see a performance increase and your laptop will last longer too.


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