Features Of A Performance Oriented Website Design

Lately there has been a rapid rise in the number of businesses shifting their operations online, increasing the competition among online entrepreneurs. Hence, for a business to become successful it is essential to create a performance oriented website design and that sells.

A performance oriented website design and well planned marketing strategy will definitely aid in creating a brand image for the product. Here are few tips for designing a website with utmost performance.

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1. Sync the pictures with the message to be given

Graphics draw the attention of viewers. But, incorporating too many graphics clutters the site. Hence, the use of graphics should be done judiciously. The pictures you choose should convey the intended message effectively. Pictures should speak. Ensure that you are not using wrong pictures as they may convey a completely different message which in certain situations may completely ruin the business for creating a performance oriented website design. Hence, it is more feasible to choose the pictures relevant to the message to be given. Ensure that the messages you include are paraphrased correctly without fluffy content. Use simple and easy-to-understand language.

2. Never confuse the user by offering multiple choices

Offering too many choices confuses the buyer that may ultimately prevent them from choosing a product. Different choices can be given but a clear explanation of the one that would be advantageous to the customer should also be given. This would help the customer make an easy choice rather than spending more time in selection and ultimately leaving the site without making any purchase. Graphics can be used to highlight premium products. A default product or service should also be given to help customers who are unable to make a choice.

3. Enable users to get a feel of the product or the services

Features Of Performance Oriented Website Design

Getting a feel about the product or service would encourage the user to purchase the product. Use graphics or animation to let users view the product, its functioning and the benefits of utilizing the product or the services. Short screenshots of product do a lot than a lengthy product description when creating a performance oriented website design. Enabling the users to get a feel of the product will bring them close to making a sale. If possible give a free trial of the service to encourage the user in subscribing or purchasing the product.

4. Develop interest in users about the product

Before you suggest the user to purchase a product or use the service, develop interest about the product. This can be done by listing the benefits of the product. It is the benefits rather than the features that attract the customers. Give a pictorial representation of the benefits for easy understanding. Pictures draw attention of users who just browse through the site at a faster pace. Highlighting interesting points is another strategy to gain customer attention.

5. Ensure that all pages are linked appropriately

Easy navigation through the website is crucial for the success of the website. End of a web page should always suggest next action to the user. For example, the web page may have a buy button, learn more option that leads to a page offering detailed information of the product or service or a take a tour option that takes the user through a presentation or series of pages displaying the benefits of the product or service. It is important to ensure that user obtains easy access to all the needed information and easily takes up the next action while creating a performance oriented website design.

Lastly, ensure that a web page is not cognitively overloaded as too much information would make it hard for the user to understand. Keep the page design simple by using whitespace instead of complex design elements. In order to make a performance oriented website design you need to ensure that your website looks pleasing to view and can be understood easily.


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