Does Your Site Need Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO can be defined as a set of tools offering productivity, affiliation, administrative and fiscal solutions for an organization. This is similar to the normal SEO but it deals with huge websites.

Does every entrepreneur site need enterprise SEO to be on top in search engine ranking? The answer would be ‘no’. Only those large websites hosting several products need enterprise SEO. It is the number of products the website is offering that determines the need for enterprise SEO but not the size of the website. Enterprise SEO is ideal for huge websites with difficult structure and multiple departments that are tightly interlinked. Here are a few factors that are to be considered before deciding whether a website needs enterprise SEO or not.

1. Size of the website

A very huge website with thousands and thousands of pages need enterprise SEO. For example sites such as Amazon, TripAdvisor have millions of pages that are to be indexed by search engines. Organizing the site into different sections also results in thousands of pages. So, sites with millions of pages need enterprise SEO.

2. Audiences to be targeted

Huge enterprise sites obtain links very easily out of brand popularity. But, it is very important that the links are obtained through white hat SEO means. It is also important that link building targets that include both local as well as global audiences. For a company to ensure local as well as global presence efficiently, it has to maintain the local sites and also take care of global presence effectively.

They have to keep their local profile updated as per the current local customer requirements as well as maintain the global presence so as to obtain customers from places where they do not have physical presence. An enterprise SEO helps to address local rankings as well as global brand popularity. Hence, enterprises with multiple stores and hence requiring global presence should use enterprise SEO.

3. Competition to be handled

Enterprise SEO For Website

Huge enterprises often have face competition. Enterprise SEO helps to analyze the existing competition, understand competitor strategies, and identify the new entrepreneurs entering the market, and plan strategies to overcome competition. Analysis of the existing competition helps enterprise plan the marketing strategy effectively, take timely decisions and make better use of money, efforts and time. Thus, enterprise SEO is ideal for enterprises dealing with heavy competition.

4. Need for managing multiple teams and tasks

Success of a huge enterprise often depends on the collaborative effort of people working at different levels. This requires decisions to be taken by people at various levels and their successful implementation. Implementing enterprise SEO strategies ensures efficient implementation of all valuable recommendations and effective collaboration between various departments and at various levels. Hence, organizations with multiple teams have to use enterprise SEO to ensure effective team work and progress of various projects within the timeline and deadlines.

5. Budget and talent

These two other aspects should be decided before going for enterprise SEO. Huge websites often have to invest much on marketing strategies so as to make their social presence in addition to investing on improving organic searches. A large enterprise often has huge budget to take care of this. However, new entrants should consider before investing on enterprise SEO. Investing on enterprise SEO often brings desirable results.

In addition to budget, it is very important to have talented personnel to implement various strategies effectively. So, a company with huge budget and talented personnel can opt for enterprise SEO. Small companies often suffer budget and talent crisis in implementing various marketing strategies.

Successful implementation of enterprise SEO aids in optimization of huge websites as well as deal with more common obstacles noticed in corporate environment.


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