Why Use PHP Frameworks for Your Website Development

PHP has currently become a greatly used framework world over. With its easy integration, high flexibility option and open source character, the PHP frameworks are being heavily adopted by developers for developing websites.

Being open source, developers can easily use the organized source codes available to develop web applications. PHP frameworks contribute in rapid application development. This lets developers create stable applications while saving time in developing one.
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Basic structure
PHP frameworks are engineered in a unique pattern called MVC (Model View Controller). The use of this pattern separates the user interface from the business logic. Thus you can easily alter and change one without hampering the settings of the other. MVC segregates the application into different parts, so that working on each becomes simpler.
For developers in haste
PHP has gained a reputation for its speedy development of websites. PHP frameworks provide developers with the flexibility of reusing codes in similar projects. This saves a considerable amount of working time for the developer. PHP comes with a number of pre-designed extensions. Hence, developers are saved from coding each project from the very basic stage.
Simple and stable
Stability is one chief reason for developers using PHP frameworks. The scripting codes for PHP framework is rather simple to write and understand. Hence beginners find it rather easy to understand and learn it. However, because of its simplicity, there is a high chance that beginners might write wrong codes or bad codes. With its highly developed feature, the framework can also run with the bad codes without being detected. Such mistakes may prove to be fatal for the security of the developing website.
Many frameworks to choose
PHP has an extensive number of frameworks to choose from. These include CakePHP, CodeIgnitor, Zend, Yii and Symfony etc. Each PHP framework has some unique feature that sets it apart from the rest. Though most developers while working choose among these PHP frameworks, you are at a liberty to create your own framework. However, because of the easy availability and a large community of users at your disposal, developers tend to work with any of the renowned frameworks. With the members of these communities being professional developers, these communities or forums provides you with help and assistance from experts.
How to choose the right one for yourself
With the number of frameworks to choose from, developers, especially the beginners, often get confused on which one to use for the development purpose. Zend framework, CakePHP, Yii and CodeIgnitor are the top frameworks among which developers choose.
Zend Framework
Popular PHP Frameworks
This is the commonest of PHP frameworks that are used extensively for creating and developing high performance websites. It uses the web 2.0 style for the development of applications. Zend has an active user base with over 15 million downloads. It uses the latest features of PHP like late static binding, lambda functions, closure etc.
Zend has a unique component structure. Every component is dependent, even though slightly, on other components. The strong features of this framework make it ideal for using it to develop corporate websites. This is also one of the most ideal scripting languages for back end development.
Zend has a number of components that are ready to be used any time. Even if you don’t find one, the Zend community members are always ready to help you. Hence with Zend, you can implement any component in your website.
Cake PHP
This is one of the first choices for beginners. Developers who have worked with Ruby on Rails will find it rather easy to work with Cake PHP because the basic principles are similar. The main focus of Cake PHP is rapid development of application. It is also highly SEO friendly and hence very scalable. It uses minimum codes in project development.
Cake PHP is favorable for websites that seeks to make it secure and genuine. Session handling too is made simple with this PHP framework. With the rapid behavior, the results for websites and apps turn out faster. This is a great framework for content- heavy websites.
CodeIgnitor is quite similar to Cake PHP in its functionalities. It too supports MVC along with the latest PHP versions. This PHP framework offers tools for the management of website for access. The architecture too is based on the modules of the framework with a wide array of reusable code library. With the codes handy, developers can build websites in the shortest of time with CodeIgnitor. Its security features are one of the best making developers choose this framework for development of websites that need high security.
Created by EllisLab, CodeIgnitor does not involve any custom template language. This makes it great to be used in small business. Interaction with the community members is rather easy with the option of live chat.
Yii Framework
For developers, looking to develop social applications, Yii is the best of PHP frameworks for you. In the recent years, Yii has become a significant framework because of its fast and vigorous characteristic. Handling SQL injection, validation of input and security features are few things that this framework conducts.
It has similarity with that of Symfony in few fields like the plugin architecture, designs and supplementary features including handling of error or managing the login details. With these features along with its affinity for social application development, Yii is the best PHP frameworks for cross-platform app development.

Why Use PHP Frameworks for Your Website Development


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