Reddit and Blogger Ban Nude Images Post Without Consent

Social networking and bookmarking sites Reddit and Google owned blogging site Blogger announced that it will discontinue displaying nude images without authorized consent. Reddit and Blogger ban nude images highlighting the safety of its users. The decision was in the wake of random image leaks of celebrities last year.

The incidents of hack into cloud storages of iCloud followed by Dropbox, had sent the world into a tizzy when social media site Reddit was flooded with nude images of Hollywood celebrities. One among the celebrities had blamed the social site for being incapable of preventing such an occurrence. This can be said as a major trigger for incorporating the stringent policies.

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Keeping this incidence in the limelight, Reddit and Blogger ban nude images postings without the consent of users.


Reddit was the first platform where, the leaked images, last year, was made public. With ban nude images and explicit videos, Reddit plans to put some restrictions changing its guidelines from 10th of March. Apart from this, there have also been some changes and additions within the existing guideline.

Reddit has also created a new section called “Involuntary Pornography”. Users can request the removal of any sexually explicit image or videos at if they think they were posted without their consent.

The new changed guidelines of Reddit with ban nude images mark the beginning of a new phase of both Reddit and Blogger. Both the forums have earlier been open, with no such strict regulations except for spam and child nudity.

Reddit Ban Nude Images

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao said that these new policies would help in the company’s growth. “The opportunity here [is] to set a standard for respecting the privacy of our users,” was what Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian said.

Reddit, which recently raised nearly $50 million in venture funding, said that it will also launch a tutorial for the users running a community on the social sites. This would help them manage their community better.


For Google’s blogging platform Blogger, users have been given till 23rd of March to remove any sexually explicit image or video from the site. Come 23rd if they are not removed, the sites will be banned from public view. Sites owners too will be restricted from accessing their own site.

However, Blogger would allow nudity under special circumstances where it would be depicting educational documentary, scientific perspective or art.

The nudity quotient varies in respect of different social media sites. Sites such as Facebook altogether forbid posting or usage of any nude or sexually explicit contents. With  Reddit and Blogger ban nude images makes them join the likes of Facebook. Twitter however is not that strict when it comes to nudity. However, the Reddit and Blogger ban on nude images is sure to make some impact on other social media sites.


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