Control A PC Or Mac From Anywhere Using An Android Device

Google updated its long list of products by adding Chrome Remote Desktop app to the Chrome web store along with its Android counterpart in the Google Play store. The two work together allowing Android users to control a PC or Mac from anywhere by remotely connecting with them.

Setup & install process to control a PC or Mac from anywhere:

The process is so simple that it will hardly take 5 minutes of your time to set it up even if you are not very technically sound. You need to begin by visiting the Chrome Web Store and installing the Remote Chrome Desktop app on your computer.

While installing, number of pop up messages and options will appear before you whom you can go through and select as per your needs and requirements. Make sure you install the additional software that comes along as well.

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Once everything is done two options will open up in front of you: one, to allow remote assistance (used mainly for troubleshooting someone else’s computer) and second, to access own computers (mainly for personal use). You will need to select the latter option which will then ask for a PIN. Since the PIN is primarily for security reasons, you will have to provide it every time you connect your PC to the Android device.

The Final Touch:

Once you are done with your desktop, the final piece of the puzzle lies in downloading and installing the Android version of the app from Google Play Store. Sign in to the same Google account from both the devices, and the app will automatically display all the controllable computers. All you need to do now is select the computer you wish to connect remotely and enter the security PIN. Your Android device is now connected to your desktop and you can control A PC or Mac from anywhere now.


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