Immediate Actions Following Any Liquid Spillage On Laptop

Let’s face it! So you were careless enough to ignore the pricey gadget in your close proximity and you have finally ended up spilling water over your laptop? What are the immediate actions that you should follow after any kind of liquid spillage on laptop?

We at times get off hand and unfortunately spill water, food or other drinks on our laptops and try to fix it ourselves. Some of us might have got lucky and just missed the aim and saved our gadgets. Pressure of work, the urgency to complete the task makes many people eat lunch at work desks or eat as they work. This is not at all recommended as a slight slip of the hand can spill drinks on your laptop and ruin all your work and also because it is not a healthy habit.
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Okay, you have spilled liquid on your laptop, but now what?
The type of liquid spillage on laptop to a great extent determines the life of your hardware.
Water – It is damaging yes, but is not the worst thing you could spill on your laptop. With some assistance, the water spillage damages can be contained.
Beverages like coffee or tea – They are usually hot and contain ingredients that can cause severe damages to your gadget.
Soda and other cold drinks – They can cause irreparable damage to your laptop parts. *stay alert*
So now that you have spilled it, nothing worse can happen! Agree? So what we can do to compensate for the damage?
Few tips that might save your laptop after you have spilled the liquid
Immediately after liquid spillage on laptop, turn it off, open the battery latch and remove the battery.
Never ever try to switch on a laptop after you spill water on it to see if it works. This may cause more damage to the electronics than the initial ones.
Make sure if the battery or the power adapter are wet. They can be replaced for a lesser cost than buying a new laptop.
Any Liquid Spillage On Laptop
Remove every single cord from the USB ports and also other add-ons like hard drives, CD drives etc.
Wipe off the liquid spillage on laptop and let the components air dry.
Put your laptop upside down to dry.
If the liquid has spilled on the monitor, then moisten a soft cloth with water and clean off completely.
Leave your laptop to dry for a minimum of two days.
Never use blow dryers or other kinds of dryers to speed up the drying process. Let it take its own time.You just have to go without using your gadget for 2 to 3 days.
Check your laptop’s warranty card and see if it can be of any use.
Some people even use distilled water to get rid of any traces of water left even after drying.
Once the gadget and its various parts are 100% dried, reassemble everything and turn to switch it on. If the laptop does not work even after that, you will have to contact a service shop or an electronic shop for assistance.
So now you have faced it all yourselves! What precautions would you be taking from now on?
Do’s and Don’ts while you are in front of your mighty gadget, laptop
Better safe than sorry. Laptops are complicated electronic devices and they deserve some careful looking after. They cannot be left out open any place you want. Here are some precautions you must take while using a laptop at home, or in the office –
Never eat in front of your laptop. Do not drink water or any other drinks in front of your laptop.
Make a place for your laptop. Keep it on your study table and do not keep any bottles or food items beside it.
Keep the laptop away from the reach of kids.
If you have pets make sure the laptop is not in the reach of them. Teach your pets to stay away from your laptop.
There are many water proof options to avoid such mishaps. You can put the waterproof laptop skin for your laptop. Keyboards can be protected by using plastic keyboard covers. For the screen, use waterproof laptop screen protector.
All the best and keep your gadgets safe!

Immediate Actions Following Any Liquid Spillage On Laptop


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