Relevance Of Account Level Quality Score In Google

Google’s quality rating and account level quality score has always been a point of discussion and debate. Quality Score is the prime focal based on which a website can evaluate itself with the rest of its competitors.

For websites prone to low traffic, account level Quality Score has always been a matter of concern. It also provides how the website has impacted the viewers. Google had confirmed that it does not follow any kind of such metrics. Google’s spokesperson had confirmed, “There is no such thing as ad group-level, campaign-level or account-level Quality Score.”
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However, there are many who say it otherwise. According to them, account-level Quality Score exist and it displays a major control over the site visit traffic. Google leave spaces for new keywords which affect the function of related keywords as well. Hence if there are few or no relevant keywords, Google will take the assistance of related keywords.
Why is account level quality score important?
Account level quality score acts as a yardstick for the significance of the keywords. These may be new keywords or related keywords. It nevertheless, does not exist in any authorized form.
Account Level Quality Score Google
The scale of account level quality score ranges from 1 to 10. The more the score of a keyword is, better will be its page ranking. It will be prone to be listed in the first page with higher ranking.
While searching for websites, users often use brand keywords. This specifically receives much higher Click-through rates than unbranded keywords. Google cannot detect brand keywords itself. It is the account-level Quality Score of that keyword that matters to Google. The relation between brand and non-brand keywords is very poor.
Hence advertisers should not depend upon their brand keywords to raise the account level quality score for non brand keywords. Quality score is not singly helpful for low traffic keywords, but also helps improve the keywords prone to average traffic.
Google however cannot help in matters if the data within it for the given keywords are really low. Highly complicated platforms are present that responds to these low data keywords. This is through related keywords.
How to raise Low Quality Score?
The easiest way of raising the account level quality score is by a/ testing your keywords. Removing low scoring keywords can prove to be beneficial to your traffic. This will increase your viewing traffic and raise the account-level quality score of your site as well. It may increase chances for your keywords to be displayed in the first page.

Relevance Of Account Level Quality Score In Google


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