Convert Social Media Traffic With These Awesome Tools!

How would you like if most of your social visitors convert to be your customers? Sounds unreal, right? Well it might sound unreal but it is not something impossible to achieve. If you have a good marketing strategy and are armed with some great promotional tools, you can pull in huge convertible traffic from your social profile. Converting social media traffic needs your social profile to be outstanding.

Social media is a powerful platform for pushing your site’s presence in the social engine. Optimization is one feature that you always seek from social media. Here are a few tools that would help you in converting social traffic.

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Engaging contents with Commerce Sciences

Irrespective of the promotional platform incorporation of engaging contents in your social profile is absolutely essential. When users visit your site, they approach with a predefined set of notions and expect to see something relevant. Social media followers are tracked with behavioral targeting. This helps ensure that the ads you promote is not lost in any way while also converting social media traffic for you.

When you promote a new product or may be providing 20% discounts on all your products, you would want your target audience to visit your site. Display of your ads in social media has a higher probability to be seen. The same ads, if displayed on the web pages of your site might be lost. For this very reason, social media ensures that your promotional ads are properly highlighted in the social media for converting social media traffic.

Information on the users is gathered from various messages and promos. These are based on a number of characteristics that are used for target specification. Commerce Sciences is one such tool that uses keyword and relates them with the consumer’s search providing them with the exact result.

Improving web page with Treejack-

If contents are the engaging components of your website, then webpage design is the attracting feature. You may have designed your social profile ad with all necessary contents including images, videos and texts. However, even though visitors see your ads, not many remain in your site for too long. This is one of the most recurring problems especially for low ranking sites. Treejack is one such tool that can be of great help in these situations.

This is an analytical tool that can help you in finding out which areas of your websites are ignored by viewers or has lower usability. The tool works on a simple text version and lets you understand the structure of the hierarchy, the labeling of navigation and whether it is easy to be found by people. It will therefore help you in converting social media traffic to a good extent.

Converting Social Traffic To Your Site

The tool breaks the entire webpage and demonstrates the various metrics in a graphical format. The problem areas are highlighted in the graph as well as represented in a page.

This makes editing of the areas of poor web design much simple and improvement in the ads is possible.

Geo-targeting with Inspectlet-

Geo- targeting is one marketing component of online marketers. This is promoting of online products and services specifically targeting a country or region at a time.

Geo-targeting often contributes to converting social media traffic because this promotional technique promotes products at the local market level.

Inspectlet is a great tool to analyze the market for the target audience. It creates heat maps that let you locate the visitors from throughout the globe. You can easily locate where your website pulls in the maximum visitors from and which regions have poor visitor rate.

You can strategize your social media marketing plans accordingly. Find the reasons for the low visitors. Stress on those points and improve your global presence. If your site has global visitors, the chances for conversion increase manifolds.


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