Facebook Product Ads Target More Relevant Users

Facebook recently launched a new tool for marketers in order to make promotion of products on Facebook more relevant. The new tool named Facebook Product Ads would let marketers make more effective promotion of their products to their target audience through Facebook.

Being a huge social media platform, product promotion in Facebook has become tougher. Often relevant ads are lost in the social noise. Hence, even though ads are promoted on Facebook, it failed to reach the target audience.

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With Facebook product ads, marketers can safely promote their product without the fear of being lost or remain unseen by users. This new tool allows marketers, who upload their product catalogue to manually create a customized ad campaign. It also provides marketers with the option of auto generation of ad campaign. All the marketers have to do is upload the product catalogue, and the rest is done by Facebook itself.

Facebook Products Ads For Users

Targeting relevant audience too is a function that this new feature of Facebook performs. It classifies different kinds of audience according to their preferences and displays ads according to the user’s interest. It also takes into consideration the location of the user helping local marketers.

One of the new features of Facebook product ads, is its functionality to promote multiple products at one go. With an added plugin, the images of these ads will appear in a carousel format, rotating with up to 5 images on display at a time.

In its official blog, Facebook said, “Advertisers can curate ads as they see fit. For instance, they can highlight products that were viewed on their website/mobile app or showcase best-selling products. Or they can create a multi-product ad that highlights the different benefits of a single product.”

The Facebook product ads mainly gather databases from the websites of marketers or other apps. This makes targeting of ads on different devices much simpler.

Shutterfly has been among the first to begin using the Facebook product ads. They have greatly benefited with the product ads feature with their CTR increasing nearly by 20%. Target, another company using product ads said that they received great audience response with conversions doubling. The highest number of audience was generated from mobile devices. These statistics shows that Facebook product ads would definitely help marketers in improving their ad presence in the social networking site.


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