UX Design For Mobile Devices To Track Website Performance

Confusing UX designs for mobile devices with desktops is common. With mobile devices making its presence felt heavily, web designers are keen to create mobile first designs. Quick access to information that mobile devices allow, has been a key reason for high mobile devices usability. This has been a major reason why designers and developers now stress deeply on the UX design for mobile devices.

UX design for mobile devices is critical for the success of any website, big or small. If a website is designed keeping desktop is mind, the UX design when the site is opened in a desktop looks great. However, if the same website is opened on a mobile device, it will not look that attractive. The appearance of horizontal scroll bars for a webpage in your mobile device might severely damage the UX for that site.
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There are few guidelines that you can follow while creating UX design for mobile design.
User focused design
For you, the ultimate achievement is the satisfaction and enjoyment of the user. If the viewers find UX design of your mobile devices agreeable, half of your promotion is done. Always try to think from the user’s point of view when you design a website. Analyze which icons or menus have the highest chances to be clicked by the user. Position them in such a way that those are easily accessible by the users in their mobile devices.
Keep it light
An important fundamental to keep in mind while creating UX design for mobile devices is the weight of the site. Try to keep mobile first websites as light as possible. For mobile phones and other mobile devices, light websites can be easily opened and browsed through minimizing the chances of the device getting hung.
Keeping a website light requires the design structure to be coded in a rather simple format. Use of high-end graphics and visual effects are better avoided while engineering the UX design for mobile devices. The use of Flash and 3D elements are better avoided. Minimizing the use of video files in your mobile first design ensures that your site works fast.
Readability matters
Typography and font size plays a key role in keeping your viewers engaged on the mobile devices. Different devices support different fonts and typos. Hence, using common fonts are the best option while choosing your text format. The font you use should be such that it is supported by all devices.
Ideas On UX Design For Mobile Devices
The size of the texts too plays a vital part in engaging users. You may often realize high bounce rate of your site due to poor quality of the text. This affects the user experience negatively. Avoid using fonts that are too small or too decorative. Maintain white space as it helps in highlighting the text. Uses of small paragraphs are always preferred as it helps in keeping the readers engaged.
Smooth scrolling
UX design for mobile devices has to be easily scrollable. However, each webpage should have a limited layout height. No user would like to scroll endlessly to reach the end of the page. Maintain an average layout that would go with all mobile devices. Columned layout works best with mobile user interface. With a single layout placement of important icons like the call to action button will be prominent. Making them appear big will catch the attention of the users pulling in more traffic.
Search bar integration
For some websites, especially the ecommerce sites, the search option is an essential aspect. With a huge classification and categorization of products, browsing through the entire website is irrational. Here, search bar helps to sort through the categories, drawing out the exact result, the user seeks for. Allowing access to users from every page is important which the key functionality of the search bar is. Making websites accessible and easily navigable, proper UX design for mobile devices is necessary.
High traffic from mobile devices has made it essential for websites to create mobile first design. The UX design for mobile devices is important to ease the use of websites by optimizing various functions and presenting an entire website in the 4 inch screen of your smartphone.

UX Design For Mobile Devices To Track Website Performance


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