How To Change Start Screen Of Windows 8.1 For Better Experience

The Windows 8 start screen has been a topic of controversy right from the time of its launch. There are many who are not quite satisfied with the look and feel of the screen. Microsoft therefore came up with an update of the operating system that enables users to change start screen of Windows 8.1

At the bottom right corner of the screen Windows 8.1 has a dedicated “Customize” button that enables playing with the start screen settings. All you have to do is right click anywhere on the screen and the app is displayed in front of you. The Customize view can also be opened by right-clicking on any tile on the screen. Moving a tile by means of drag and drop is not new, what’s new is that you cannot accidentally open one by accidentally clicking or tapping it. You can also select multiple tiles at once and perform various actions on them together. These actions include resizing them, uninstalling them, unpinning them, turning off all live tiles or simply for clearing the selected items. There are multiple tile sizes from which you can choose and either shrink or enlarge them as per you needs and requirements.
Organizing of tiles into different groups can also be done with the help of this customize view. All you need to do is click on the Name Group text box and provide a name for the group.
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But the biggest advantage of Windows 8.1 is that it helps prevent cluttering of your screen. Let’s take for example the case of Windows 8. Whenever you install an app it automatically takes a place on your Start screen making it disorganized and crowded. Well Windows 8.1 is better than its older version in this respect. Unless and until you pin them yourself no apps can take its place automatically on your start screen. In this case you have to click the down arrow on the left hand corner of your screen. You reach the app screen where the newly installed apps are highlighted as “New”. Next right click on the tile and select Pin to Start Button. Done. You will automatically be taken to the Start screen where the new tile is revealed to you.
Other available options to Change start screen of Windows 8.1 include changing of the color and the background of your Start screen. You will find a little dash icon on the lower right hand side corner of the screen. Just hover your mouse over it and a charms bar is displayed. Next click on Settings charm and select the option that says “Personalize”. You will find a wide array of color options that you can use as the color of your screen. Apart from that choice of image as background is obviously there.
For users working on a non touch device, the Windows 8 Start screen might seem to be of no use. There is however an option to bypass the screen totally with the help of the boot to desktop mode. At a time when the situation is such that people are looking to bypass the screen of Windows 8, Microsoft has developed the later version 8.1 much easier and simpler to manage.

How To Change Start Screen Of Windows 8.1 For Better Experience


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