How To Fix Black Screen In Your Windows System – The Best Indian Tech, Social Media Marketing & Web Design & Development Blogs

Black screen is something all of us have dealt with. You need not always call up your technician if something like that happens, at times you can fix it all by yourself. If you are using a windows PC then there are two probable conditions that might be causing the problem. The first situation is where you will get a beep sound from your computer when you start the system. The other is worse where there is no sound to indicate the problem and it will appear as if your computer never started.

Now, the first thing that may come to our mind is to switch off the computer and start it again, but doing something like that might elevate the problem. So let’s take a look at the problems and solutions to black screen:

  • Corrupt system file – It prevents the file from loading, you will be able to see the Windows logo come up and then the screen will turn black.In this case you should let Windows fix the problem. You can also use system file checker which gives an administrator the ability to scan protected files to verify their versions. However, you must be logged in as an administrator to run the system file checker.
  • Monitor plug in – You should never plug the monitor into the on- board video plug if you have a PCI or AGP video card installed. If that’s the problem then you will have to open the plug and put them in the correct position. You must double check whether the monitor is plugged in properly as most of the time it’s the plug that creates the problem.
  • RAM – You must install RAM properly or else you can expect black screen, in such a case the computer will make no sound. At times your computer will not get switched on in one shot; you will be amazed to see that when you switch on your system after a while it will start normally. This means your RAM needs to be taken out and reinstall, try to clean it up before you reinstall. It may sound simple but you must be very careful while handling RAM as it is a delicate device.
  • New hardware – Yes! A new hardware might create problem if it is not installed properly. If you have upgraded your system then that might have created the problem. The reason can also be static electricity damage which may damage the whole system. This is a problem only a technician will be able to solve.
  • USB– It is important to remove USB every time you shut down your computer. Black screen may appear if you switch on the system with USB attached. This happens because the computer confuses the USB as a CD drive and tries to boot to it. When this happens black screen appears. In case you switch on the computer with the USB still in it and the black screen pops up then you must immediately remove the USB and then start the computer again.
  • Corrupting boot – You might have noticed when you shut your PC half way through the boot procedure a black screen appears. However, it gets fixed automatically but that happens only once or twice after that you will have to repair the master boot record, and for that you will need your original windows CD, without it you will not be able to start with the process.
  • CPU problem – Moving your CPU from one place to another might have created some problem. One of the ways to fix this problem is by removing the CPU fan and placing it back and plugging everything properly. But you have to be careful as a small mistake can get you into trouble and you might have to seek help of a technician.
  • Corrupt user account – A corrupt user account can also be the reason behind the black screen. In such a case you will have to be prepared with another user account, and that’s not all you will have to log in too. After you log in you will be able to access the corrupt user account through the C: drive. You will see a folder called “users” and there will be another folder for actual username. Once you access the system you will be able to check the problem.

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