Is Slow Twitter Growth The Reason For Google Twitter Alliance

Twitter has been hard in trying to rapidly increase its user base. It has been trying to monetize encouraging marketers to promote ads on Twitter. However, Twitter growth has been quite slow in the last quarter. Though marketers are heavily promoting products on Twitter, the response has not been that great. A stint on Twitter’s side has been the Google Twitter alliance.

Twitter expected its user base would multiply after its IPO last year. However the result was not a favorable one. The user base saw an increase of just 288 million. The figures and Twitter growth, both are quite low if compared to Facebook that crossed 1.39 billion users in the last month. Though Twitter gathered revenue close to 500 million, its user number did rise quite well.

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The social site has been trying hard for rapid Twitter growth especially in its user number. A number of new functions and collaborations that Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced make it evident enough that the social media has been trying to monetize the social networking site.

A chain of events took place last month suggesting that Twitter has been battling to keep critics at bay. The social site introduced the use of Promoted Tweets even in apps other than the ones it does not own. Group messages and video recording too has been introduced in Twitter for better sharing of videos. The biggest event of this quarter for Twitter perhaps has been the Google Twitter alliance. This perhaps is one of the most important steps by Twitter to improve its search results in Google.

Google Twitter Alliance News

The Google Twitter alliance though announced just a couple of days before would take some time to roll out. With the collaboration, Twitter would give access to its entire database to let users find posts easily. Once the service is active, Google search results would display promotional tweets the moment it is posted in the microblogging site.

Twitter predicts that the introduction of new functions along with the Google Twitter alliance would help in pushing the revenue up by around $450 million. Forrester Research Inc.’s Nate Elliott gave out a rather negative comment for the social media saying, “Every quarter they make a big deal about how important it is to grow their user base, and every quarter they fail.”

For Costolo, a crucial concern has been tackling the abusive and spam posts. He announced that Twitter engineers have been working on the algorithm to minimize spam tweets and posts. An internal report from The Verge suggested Costolo as saying, “We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years.” However, Twitter is looking into reducing the spam posts so that users can get better results from their tweets.


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