What Are The Ingredients Of Quality Content?

Everyone needs the finest and best quality content to present to the users. It’s no use to produce bulk of content if it’s not meaningful because ultimately users will drift away from it. And in race against the competitors, the quality aspect of content is almost compromised to prefer the quantity aspect.

But to help create relevant and quality content at speed, here are some ingredients that will produce better results for you if you take care to use them.

Purpose – If your first ingredient isn’t a purpose, there’s no point in creating content at all. Whether you’re going to create a how-to, list, story, opinion piece, roundup or anything else, you need to know the point you want to make and make it.

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What do you want the reader or viewer to take away? Remember, the battle you fight first and foremost is attention. When you get it, don’t waste it. Though a great lure may earn the click you seek, it’ll backfire if your reader’s expectation isn’t satisfied.

Relevance – A quality content marketer exposes himself as wanna-be when he fires before he aims. This reckless approach rears its ugly head when you concentrate on content, but not marketing.

Do the research and hard work upfront to identify the relevant subject matter where your prospect’s needs and company’s strengths overlap. What pains your prospects? What gives them pleasure? These are points for sure that go into the creation of quality content.

Education – Effective content marketers solve problems. They make readers more informed and inspired. And to keep them coming back for more, they make the lessons fun.

Timeliness or timelessness – Readers are going to want to know what’s new. You can get them to relate when you’re on top of what’s new, what’s now and what’s next.

Quality Content Creation

Of course, while change is imminent in every field, every game relies on fundamentals too. So while you’ll strive to create timely content when you can, your mix should also contain timeless lessons. In fact, you should make these content creation projects—often called “evergreen” content—your most substantial. You’ll be rewarded for a long time to come.

Truth – In any form of media, or communications of any type, it’s dreadful to find lies or questionable claims. The best of them will stop trains and could get you all the attention you seek, but will inevitably derail you, possibly for good.

Be credible. Prove, demonstrate or backup every possible claim. Cite your sources. Link to viable research. Include proof points. If you don’t want readers to doubt your claims, be undoubtedly accurate and earn the trust you have to have.

Originality – It’s excruciatingly difficult to teach you how to be original. Figure it out. The proliferation of quality content marketing has made blogs, infographics, eBooks, and every kind of content a sea of sameness.

Can you develop a version of something you liked? Should you create content around popular topics? Is it okay if someone else’s great idea informs yours? Yes, yes, and yes. Your challenge is to put a new spin on it.

Shareability – It seems preposterous, but a ton of very good and quality content creators suck at social media. If you want to succeed in content marketing, social media is a necessary ingredient. No excuses accepted.

There are so many ways to encourage sharing, which of course, can increase your reach, engagement, credibility, trust, leads, sales, you name it. Start with a share bar. Sprinkle in some “click to tweet” prompts. Embed social media commentary widgets. This list could continue. If your website and blog lack shareability, go do something about it right now.


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