Three Skype Problems And How You Can Solve Those

Skype Problems
The ease of video call and internet call has made Skype a major part of all businesses. One to one communication and interaction has been simpler through this telecommunication software. However, every application has some glitches and Skype is no exception. Skype problems are not new and neither is troubleshooting such problems.

Skype users complain of some common Skype problems that are quite frequent and equally easy to solve. These problems generally revolve around audio settings, webcam connections, and login problems.
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1. Audio problems
The commonest of Skype problems that occurs to almost all users is the disturbance in the audio settings of the application.
Skype is a major telecommunication tool. It is heavily used in businesses especially to communicate among various offices or with persons. This can be used to interact and discuss on important matters for which clear audio is necessary. Recurring audio problems may lead to miscommunication and transfer of wrong information. This can prove to be fatal for any company. Often miscommunication leads to huge losses.
Problem in audio can be because of three reasons: disrupting internet, trouble with the hardware devices or Skype problem itself. First ensure that your internet connection is alright and whether your hardware audio devices are properly connected. Once you have checked on the other connectivity and settings, then you can proceed with your Skype settings.
Step 1) Log in to your Skype account.
Step 2) Click on Tool in the menu bar displayed on the top and select Options from the drop down menu bar.
Step 3) The new interface shows a list of various setting options, like General setting, audio setting, video setting, Wi-Fi settings and sound settings.
Step 4) Choosing the audio settings displays up another interface from which you can adjust the volume of devices like microphone, speakers and even the ringing volume and tone.
Step 5) Once you have adjusted the volume and tone as per your liking, click on the Save button and start your work on Skype.
2. Webcam problem
Skype has been the first software of its kind that enabled users to video-chat online. However, to enable video calling, webcam is a compulsory hardware. Problems while video calling over Skype might arise due to slow internet speed, low bandwidth or faults of the webcam. It might also happen due to disrupted Skype settings. Skype problems, such as sudden stopping of working of the webcam while video calling, are very common. If your internet connections are perfect, then you better check on your Skype setting.
Common Skype Problems
Step1) Log in to your Skype account
Step2) Click “Tool” and select the “Options” from the drop down menu.
Step 3) From the list displayed on the left panel, select Video settings.
Step 4) Once the interface is open on your screen, it will show you two sections. The first displays general queries like “Find out more about video calls” and also a guide to setting up a webcam. There is also an FAQ section to answer your queries.
The lower section displays option for receiving and sharing of screens with other Skype callers. Check on the options that you want to activate while your video call.
Step 5) Once you are satisfied with your video settings, click “Save” to activate the changed settings.
3. Phone number replaced
One of the most common and recurring Skype problems faced by its users is phone-numbers being replaced with “Click to Call” button. The most annoying part of this problem is that this is set by default. Hence you have to tweak with the call settings when you download Skype initially.
This is one of the Skype problems with a really easy solution. With the following steps you can set the phone numbers in the browser disabling the Click to call buttons.
Step1) Uninstall Skype from your computer from the control panel first.
Step2) Check the add-ons of your browser to check the presence of ‘Click to call’ list’s presence.
Step3) Once you find ‘Click to call’ displayed on your list, you can disable them easily.
Step4) To activate your Skype call, click ‘Tool’ and select the Option menu.
Step5) From the left panel, choose Advanced.
Step6) A list appears with Checkboxes. Click on the first two options to uncheck them. Save the changes
This might solve your problem with the phone numbers being replaced by ‘Click to Call’ button.
These are few of the most common Skype problems that are commonly faced by its users. Following the correct steps can solve the problems. However, if you are not confident enough to resolve the problems on your own, it is suggested that you take the help of professionals to get them solved.

Three Skype Problems And How You Can Solve Those


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