How To Use Viewbix For Social Media Promotion?

An impressive SEO technique can attract consumers to your business in an effective way. Over the years everyone has realized the value of online video marketing. No one wants to read long texts and articles to understand your point, when it can be shown through a video in only two minutes. A video is a colorful and spontaneous medium to convey the message with a human touch to it. And you can definitely make use of Viewbix for social media promotion to reach your target.

When there are features present which can convert a simple video to an interactive one, then a video becomes the best medium to connect with the consumers. Viewbix is a revolutionary tool which can make your marketing video more expressive, shareable and interactive. It offers free registration so that you can avail some of its excellent features. Let us see how to use Viewbix for social media promotion:

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Acquire your requirements

Make a beautiful video for the purpose of marketing of your products or work. The video should be precise, effective and of short duration. In many cases you can even show your real-time work through your YouTube video. Now, when you have your marketing video, register yourself on Viewbix and start customizing this basic video according to your requirements.

Share your videos anywhere and everywhere!

You can use Viewbix for social media promotion by sharing videos. The best of features of Viewbix is that you can add many interactive apps to your video and this gives the freedom to the consumers to share them, follow them or even tweet about them. You can choose from many apps and add them to your YouTube or Vimeo video which fits and works best for your profile. Choose the apps wisely.

Social Media Promotion With Viewbix

If you own a blog then you must add the RSS along with Twitter and the list. But if you have an e-commerce business then Skype is one app which can prove to be beneficial when added to your video. For local business owners it is best to add Google maps. Invest some time in selecting apps and make your video share ready. Once you have made your final video then share it on any social media website of your choice. Also you can copy and paste the “code” of that video on any website on the internet. This way you can reach more consumers every day.

Impressive call to action – An important step in social media promotion

You can add call to action at many desired places in your video. By doing this you have two benefits: first, it increases user interaction, and second, it tells whether or not the viewer is interested in watching your video. In a way it can determine the success rates of your business online. The call to action can be embedded in the video by adding “NEXT” or through annotations. Through annotations you can make a series of the videos and then by using Viewbix they can be clicked on at the end of the current video by the viewer.

Easily track analytics of ROI

Once you have made and shared your video, you can easily track the analytics of the involvement of viewers with your video. With this facility you can clearly see the number of visitors who have just clicked on the video, viewers who have watched the video, who have shared it for social media promotion and the app usage. And all this can be seen on the dashboard of your account in Viewbix. This is an excellent feature which clearly tells the growth of your business.

Working in Viewbix does not take hours, it is just about few minutes and your video will become more attractive and interactive. Targeting the video for social media promotion, it can be shared on multiple platforms like laptops and mobiles. So, Viewbix provides all the tools which can help you to transform a simple video in an efficient one which can promote your online existence and hence your business.


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