Four Amazing Tricks To Highlight Your Social Profile

Online Promotion and social media goes hand in hand. With a great social profile, marketers can always expect to generate higher traffic to their website. Hence, to highlight your social profile, these, accompanied with a great site and quality products, are bound to increase conversion and bring in ROI.

Maintaining a good social profile is crucial to the growth and flourishing of your business online. However, in order to create, maintain and highlight your social profile, there are few important steps that you need to follow.

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1. Follow an offbeat track

An uncommon profile will always attract more visitors than a common one. Follow the road less travelled. It is common in online marketing to stress on what is trending. However, it creates a cluster, ultimately damaging the experience of the user. There are a number of sites promoting the same product. However, not all websites has the same traffic. This is because, even though the products are same, they must have some unique features that make one site sit above the rest.

Blindly following a trend might be beneficial in the short run. But you fail to build a strong follower base in the long run. Going against a trend, while keeping a thin connection to it, would not only bring you viewers but also provide you with originality in contents.

2. Maintain high frequency

Updating frequently is necessary if you want to highlight your social profile and to maintain a niche in the market. A stagnant profile is monotonous and prolonged use of such a profile results in increasing attrition.

Tricks To Highlight Your Social Profile

Profiles that are fed with regular updates in content which are trending always tend to attract more viewers. Because of the frequent updates, these profiles attract more viewers. Your visitors too are updated on what is new and even of your new ventures when you highlight your social profile. Adjusting your profile with the changing market scenario is important to remain visible and on the first page of the SERP.

3. Use links and catchy phrases

Using phrases that are catchy makes for an attractive social profile. These forms of words and phrases grab the attention of your audience and they will be bound to take a second look. State the purpose of your creating a social profile, but do not be desperate. Use compelling techniques to pull in your audience.

Additionally, you can also include links and tags, to draw inbound traffic. For example, you can always incorporate the hash-tag when you share a new content. These are valuable tools which if used correctly can generate high traffic resulting in better conversion.

4. Recognize your audience

Conversations with your audience through the social profile help you to build a strong community and to highlight your social profile. It helps in bridging the gap that the virtual platform creates. Communicating with and recognizing your audience gives a personal touch to your profile. Always try to respond to the queries of the users at the earliest.

Publishing content prioritizing the audience gives them value. You need to make them feel that your audience is an important part of your profile. This would give you a better chance of gaining the attention of users causing them to spend greater time in your profile.


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