Some Of The Top Branding Strategies For 2015

The fundamentals of marketing are always going to be the same, but with the landscape changing at the speed of technology, what matters most now is how one activates the fundamentals. It is not just enough to create your brand, but you also need to adopt proper branding strategies in order to survive the stiff competition.

Smart marketers know that they need to get ahead of the trends and anticipate the next big things, or else be devoured by competitors. Here is what could be some of the top branding strategies this year:

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Transparency will become the most important tool of marketing

Consumers are going to continue to exert power and influence. The idea of radical transparency is something that few brands are taking advantage of now, and most brands fight it. Soon, the best branding strategies won’t be those with the best stories, but those that will give an accurate and real time picture of what needs to be done the interest of the consumer, at any given time.

The individual, not the masses, becomes the brand target

There have been epic advances in capturing consumer data and breakthrough manufacturing techniques that make smaller production runs more economical. Consequently, businesses will create specialized offers and sub-brands to meet consumers’ desires for personalized products. One of the top branding strategies for this year! For example, Coca-Cola Israel recently printed 2 million individually designed labels to prove its consumers are one of a kind.

3D goes beyond movies.

The advent of 3D printing technology enables branding strategies to forego uniform packaging in favor of creating custom designs to connect with consumers and stand out on store shelves. Captain Morgan 1671 special-edition blend took this approach and exceeded sales expectations with a distinctive pirate-shaped and weathered glass jug.

The name game, short and simple

With more noise in the digital marketplace and less time than ever to capture consumers’ attention, brands will continue to streamline the path to sales and that includes a shift back to basic along with clear and relevant naming solutions. More monikers will have universal, easy-to-grasp concepts that also make good URLs. Apple, who dropped its iconic “i” naming convention, has already transitioned to this approach, putting greatest importance on its recognizable master brands by placing them first, followed by simple product descriptors: Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Pay.

Brands as your best friends

Branding Strategies 2015

Good-bye slogans and catchphrases. Today you can’t sell without a story – and it better be authentic. Whether its websites, tweets, or texts, brands will use straightforward dialogue infused with honesty and emotion. We’re talking plain, straightforward honesty in communications – like Zipcar who has zoomed past the rental car competition with an approachable voice that speaks like your best bud.

Health tech & wearables go mainstream.

Sure, everyone has had activity trackers for years – but with open platforms bringing all that data together and consumers starting to share it with their doctors – get ready for an explosion in this space. This data will be leveraged to consistently add real value in our lives. Smart watches will start to appear on wrists throughout the year, brands and apps will rush to shrink their content into what is being known as ‘glanceables’ – small ‘snackable’ content formats that can be viewed on a watch.

Selfies get serious

Next year it’s time to up your selfie game – 2015 is when the selfie really gets tech. Hyperlapse, Drone shots, and connected devices that can trigger the camera on your phone are becoming mainstream and offer whole range of new perspectives for us to present ourselves to the world. So, one of the branding strategies for sure!

There will be a growing focus on internal communications

Companies will most likely be focused on internal communications as one of the branding strategies. They will look at it as a key challenge and opportunity to create brand ambassadors and make sure that employees and vendors understand and live “the brand,” as well as the vision and strategy of the company.


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