Seven Rare Typographic Designs And Why They Are Rare

Selecting the right typography is one of the crucial factors determining the success of website. The typography you choose influences the readability, legibility and appearance of the website content. Hence, for obtaining better conversion rate it is very important to choose the good typographic designs.

Typographic designs have a good role to play in enhancing the attractiveness of your web content and your website altogether. However, care must be taken while selecting a typographic design because it needs to match the mood and tonality of your web content. Here is list of seven rarely used typographic designs which impact your website:

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1. Franklin Gothic

This is one of the most popular typographic designs that are preferred by many amateur web designers for giving a classic look to website. The font is definitely classical to look at but extensive usage ruins the look and feel of the web page. Hence, Franklin Gothic should be avoided for entire web content. Prefer this font only for headings and small questions.

2. Papyrus

This stands top in the list of annoying typographic designs. Papyrus is not preferred as it gives an immature, foolish and frustrating look for the website. It has found its way in to film fosters for its funny look. Similar to Comic Sans this font is extensively used for only funny content. This was the font used by James Cameron for designing the title Avatar. So, if you wish to be taken serious by your readers avoid Papyrus. Letters in this typography look dull, unattractive and would not give an appealing look to the web site. Only reason why this counts among rare typographic designs!

3. Courier

This is a boring font that is not recommended for website usage. Courier with inappropriate letter sizing gives a dreary dull look for the document as if it is done on a typewriter. This is the font commonly used for writing screenplays and for working on plain text documents as it is comfortable to read. The readability aspect of the fonts makes it the preferred font for writing the web code but not the web content. Use of Courier for website completely ruins the appearance.

Rare Typographic Designs

4. Bradely Hand

The font you use for website should speak of your content. Hand-written styled typography such as Bradely Hand speaks more about personal preferences of the website designer. They do not give the needed authentic look for the website. Being a hand written style font, it is preferred for invitations and greetings but not for web content.

5. Comic Sans

This is one of the typographic designs that are considered childish and funny. It is widely used by children for writing their invitations. Comic books and other content that is not taken seriously are written in Comic Sans. It was extensively used by amateurs for writing all varieties of content when it was designed initially. Misuse has made it a bad font. Comic Sans should not be used for serious content such as legal documents, posters, web sites and other content that is not related to kids.

6. Impact

This is one of the most commonly used header fonts because of its striking appearance. This highly readable font draws reader’s attention. However, this font is not right to use in website for body.  Very thin and focused letters damage the visibility of the content. Choose a font with wider letters for striking headlines. Another reason to avoid Impact is that it has been widely used for mailing official content, and hence it would be less appealing to use for web content.

7. Brush Script

This is one of oldest typographic designs that were designed in 40’s. Brush Script as given by the name gives the appearance of letters that are manually written and painted with ink brush. Majority of the web designers hate this font for its ugly, handwritten look.

It should be noted that typography along with content makes great impact on the success of a website. For best results it is recommended to combine different typographic designs. However, ensure that you do not go wrong by choosing wrong combinations.


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