People Analytics: The Refreshing New Tool By GoSquared

GoSquared, the UK based analytical firm, recently launched a new analytical tool named People Analytics. This new tool has been engineered to provide more detailed analytics to you regarding your customers, viewers and users.

In the official blog of GoSquared, CEO and co-founder James Gill announced that this new analytical tool will provide users with more in-depth information regarding each and every visitor to ones website. GoSquared is known in the web world for providing great real time analytical results. It is one of the few firms that challenge Google Analytics.
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The new analytical tool by GoSquared too provides you with real time analytical report though this time it will be displayed with much more details. Not only will it show the number of cumulative visitors but also some added details of the visitors. These analytics would include the duration each visitor spends on your profile-page and the number of return visits made.
All the information and user data of your website is generally stored in a siloed software. The data is then utilized as when needed to analyze visitor’s metrics. Gathering the information is easy, but analyzing is something that requires trained staffs that have the knowledge of all the data.
How it works:
GoSquared People Analytics
With People Analytics, the problem of gathering and sorting of data is solved. This analytical tool supports a simple dashboard that presents you with all analytical data. These data are mainly information collected directly from the users helping you connect with them at a personal level.
From the mouth of the CEO:
According to Gill, “People Analytics is about bringing together all the data and information you have on your users – information that currently sits in a handful of different tools – into one place, where it can be searched, queried, and easily accessed by everyone on the team,”
People Analytics gather various kinds of information from different sources and then presents you with the final results. Hence it would deliver more exact and precise results in its analytical dashboard.
A bit about GoSquared:
GoSquared initially started off as a school project by friends including James Gill, Geoff Wagstaff and James Taylor. Gill was quite intrigued with the changing business styles with web becoming a dominant part. While Gill stressed on perfecting his web design concepts, Wagstaff took to build up his knowledge on the various and trending languages like PHP, HTML and CSS. To pull in more traffic, the trio took to blogging, writing on whatever materials and resources they had and knew. This helped them quite a lot in gaining audience. With the rising popularity GoSquared was officially launched in 2007 with Gill becoming the CEO. It recently celebrated its 9th birthday where the People Analytics was made official.

People Analytics: The Refreshing New Tool By GoSquared


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