Indispensable Elements of SlideShare

There are over 60 million unique visits to SlideShare every month. Seven million slideshare pages get viewed every single day. SlideShare receives 500 percent more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These stats are clear enough to point out that SlideShare is a great place to invest quality content creation time. You can create SlideShare to pull visitors.

SlideShare users are eager for quality content and the site holds huge potential for businesses and brands looking for a new audience. So if you are new to it, here are ten important elements for a SlideShare:

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1. Build your presentation using Haiku Deck

The problem with presentations is that they are time consuming to create, but Haiku Deck cuts down on the time required to prepare them.  You can create stunning slideshare with Haiku Deck. It is a tool for creating presentations and it integrates with Slideshare to allow you to add your presentations directly to the site.

2. Your message

The most important aspect of a stunning slideshare is that there is a strong, focused, clear, and concise message. Know where you’re headed with your presentation before you begin. D’Andrea, the author of the KISSmetrics resource, has some further advice on what makes slide content stand out. If you’re aiming for a strong message, consider one of these elements:

i. Show something shocking

ii. Explain useful information

iii. Evoke emotions

3. Give your presentation a good title and description for SlideShare

Both the title and description you enter at upload will be the title and description Google uses in search results. Google will grab only the first 65 characters of a title and the first 155 characters of a description. Keep this in mind when you’re composing.

4. Keep it simple

A strong, focused message will help prevent your presentation from veering off into complex, superfluous territory. Simplicity works best on SlideShare. Keep in mind that the average SlideShare presentation is 14 slides and fewer than 25 words per slide.

Slideshare Elements

5. Cool fonts

Choose a font outside the norm. Many graphic design/presentation programs allow for adding custom fonts to a design. If you can’t find a new font from the drop-down list of fonts in your tool of choice, you might see something you like at Font Squirrel, a free font resource.

6. Stunning images

Emphasizing visual content is important not just on blogs and social media but also on slideshare. The more stunning images you can include, the more stunning slideshare you come up with. If you’re in need of a resource for free images, you can check out our complete roundup of free image sources. A couple of sources are compfight, Photo Pin, and Death to the Stock Photo.

7. Colors

For SlideShare, not only is it great to include awesome colors but also consistent colors. Choose one or two colors to be consistent throughout your slides, and if you can make them awesome colors, all the better!

One fun tip is to pull colors from a main image or logo in your presentation. Pictaculous is a tool that lets you upload an image, and get a full color palette based on the image you uploaded.

8. Include links

Clickable links are not allowed on the first three slides of a slideshare presentation. If you happen to have one there, Slideshare will disable it.

Starting with the fourth slide, you can add links to your heart’s content. Hubspot has a helpful post about how this process works; essentially, you create hyperlinked text boxes in PowerPoint, export to an Adobe PDF, then upload to Slideshare.

9. Build your slides to fit the full SlideShare screen

The presentations uploaded are either of the two, letterbox or full-screen. This comes down to the size of slides that you upload to SlideShare. With Google Presentations, the default size is letterbox, and the resulting upload fails to fill the full size of the SlideShare viewer.

If you want to have a presentation that fits snugly, build slides that are 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels tall, or a similar aspect ratio.

10. Tag and categorize your content

Users find presentations on SlideShare using these tags. So be sure to hit three or four of the most relevant ones for your upload. The six most-used tags on Slideshare are business, statistics, social media, market, trends, and research.


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