Build A Strong Professional Relationship Through LinkedIn

When it comes to business building Strong Professional Relationship through LinkedIn is much better than forming professional bond through facebook , twitter or G +. You may already know about the perks of having an updated profile but that is not enough. You have to interact with others and share good content to make the most of this platform. LinkedIn is packed with features that will help you connect with those who will become leads. Here are some of LinkedIn’s best features:

  • Stay connected with your contacts– Who doesn’t like being congratulated on their success, wishes on their birthdays etc. For that you need not go through their Facebook profiles anymore, you will get all the information about your contacts significant events in the Contacts page under Network. The top of the page shows alerts about your contacts and suggestion of people you might want to connect to. In this way you can make a more personal connection to the users.

Below that is the list of contact that can be filtered according to the connections, you can tag users according to your convenience, send direct messages even remove the person from the list .This feature makes it easy for you to manage your connections.

  • Add media and keep a note of your connections– When it comes to profile it is always good to share media like images, videos slides etc because they add more value to your profile and it is the best way to display your work too.

Just under your connections profile picture there are two tabs, one is contact info that shows their e mail id and a link to their profile. Then there is the relationship tab which is useful for you because you can add a private note to remember information about that person and set a reminder to follow up. You need not worry about the privacy as you will be the only one to see the changes made in this section.

  • Groups– Groups are a great way to gain exposure and give voice to subjects that matters to you. It’s best to join groups that are related to your field. Groups are not just about commenting on others post you can share your work on these groups too. Look for the top contributors and connect with them as they might come as great help.

The top portion of the group has manager’s choice that displays the post recommended by the manager of the group. There is a section in the right side that displays the top contributors under that you will see a section named your group contribution level. You should try to bring it to a maximum by contributing relevant content.

  • Create a company page– If you own a company or responsible for its social media activity then it’s important to create a business page, as you do not want to make your personal profile look like an advertisement.  You can put up an attractive banner image, set featured groups and make the most of showcase page.

Showcase page is somewhat similar to your Facebook timeline where you get to post content and your audience will be able to see all the latest updates by your company. As a company it is a good way to keep your connections updated about your company and as a follower you get to see all the latest updates.

There is a sponsored update feature too that lets you pay to promote the content to a target audience, the best part is that it increase visibility of the posts. You can also target your sponsored content based on location, company name, job title, etc. Do include catchy headline and call to action to get good response. You should also track the value and engagement of the page.

  • LinkedIn publishing platform– This platform was only open to the influencers but now it is open to all. You can contribute to your community by creating content that people in your network would like. You can follow other publishers and get followers too. The posts appear on your connections update section, so to get maximum benefit you should publish content that is valuable to your audience.

It goes without saying that the content has to be crisp with catchy titles and backed by images and videos. Do Share your post on other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and G+ too. Your post will be visible to people beyond your current connections, which means more exposure to your content hence more people will be connected to you. However you must not take it as a replacement of your regular blog.

Other than that there is Who’s Viewed Your Updates section that shows where you stand and how much you need to improve. It shows the views and interactions of your first, second and third degree connections. LinkedIn pulse is a great way to find useful content, you can also access LinkedIn pulse via homepage feed or pulse app for mobiles. Like most social networks LinkedIn also has a mobile app that lets you do a onetime scan of your phone contact and lets you see the people you are not connected to. Apart from that it is one of the best ways to access your contacts and calendars on the go.


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