How To Write Perfect Guest Posts For Other Blogs? – The Best Indian Tech, Social Media Marketing & Web Design & Development Blogs

Guest posts are a great way to showcase your work and get discovered through a different channel. Social media is a great place to interact and your likes and comments does matter but when it comes to adding real value and increase your website or blog traffic write perfect guest posts to get the job done. Find out other ways to effectively market your content as well. Before you begin you have to decide what do you like writing about and what appeals you. Once you have figured that out you must make a list of websites where you would like to see your posts. Do check if they accept guest posts or not. If they do then you can write an appealing article or blog and send it to them. In most cases you might have to log-in with the website and create a profile, which will actually help you get discovered.

Few points you should keep in mind to write perfect guest posts:
• Write For Readers- Write with your readers’ interest in mind if you want to write perfect guest posts. You will definitely want to promote your product or service through your write-up. You can do it and the websites that accepts the guest post will also accept it, but that does not mean you end up writing a promotional piece. Remember that you are writing for your audience, so keep their interest in mind not yours. It is important to mention about your own experience as that will help them relate to the topic. You will not be the only one guest posting, so make sure to have a look at what others have posted and do check the comments and reviews. By doing so, you will get an idea about the liking of the audience and create content accordingly.
Write Perfect Guest Posts
• Linking- Links are important and what most guest bloggers do is that they link some word or image to their homepage which is irrelevant. If you are writing about a particular product then do link it to that particular page where your product is displayed and not your homepage. But make sure that it is relevant and does not look forceful because if it does then search engines will push your post down the search ranks. You must also give proper credit to the websites and blogs where from you got the inspiration to create the content. This will help you avoid any sort of copyright issues.
• Link To Previous Post- It always makes a good impression upon websites when a guest blogger refers to their previous post. It shows the interest of the guest blogger has towards the website where the post will be published. Even if you are not a regular follower of the blog where you intend to post, you must search and find out articles that are related to your post and mention it in a clever way.
• Avoid Bio Link- You might think that linking to a content that is exact match to the write-up you are producing will be a good link, but that is false. You must not use links of any random company because that will be considered to be bio link which is never good for a post. Instead if you link to Facebook pages, Twitter profiles etc then that will be considered to be a better link.
• Useful Information- It goes without saying that you must provide something extra as the topic you are going to write about might have been covered in some other post. By adding additional information you will not only make your viewers happy but search engines will also accept it. Google is all about user experience now. So do proper research about the topic you are about to write. Presenting the information in a good way is equally important, so try to write in inverted pyramid method. Provide all the important information in the beginning so that your audience finds it interesting.
• Use Real Name- There was a time when using a fake name was considered to be profitable but that’s not the scenario anymore. It is important to mention your real name because it will be easy for the viewers to find you through social media profiles which is not possible if you use a fake name.

How To Write Perfect Guest Posts For Other Blogs? – The Best Indian Tech, Social Media Marketing & Web Design & Development Blogs


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