New Bid Preview Tool Allows You To Check Bid Real Time

Advertisers using Bing search engine will now have a helpful tool for marketing at their disposal. Bing Ads, has recently launched a new feature in its marketing tool Ad Preview and Diagnostic category. This new feature named Bid Preview tool allows marketers to check on the bids and evaluate its effects in real time.

With varying bids a marketer can check in real time how the bids on various AdWords affect the ranks of ads directly on the search engine result page (SERP).
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How the Bid Preview tool works:
Marketers, in an attempt to compete with competitors, often bid too low an amount. This may result in no Ads getting displayed in the search engine result page. This highly affects the page rank of such ads.
The Bid Preview tool which is a part of the ad preview and diagnostic tool will display a message indicating “Bid Too Low”. This message will be displayed along with some additional information so as why the ads are not getting delivered in the search page.
Bing Bid Preview Tool
On opening the low bid message, you will be able to check on the various bids that the Bid Preview tool suggests. A brand new and exclusive feature of this tool is the Preview button. This button in the allows marketers to check out the difference in the deliverance and ad presence in the search page after a particular bid has been changed with a higher bid. It will also show the difference the new bid offers on the AdWords.
How you make it work:
The bid preview tool provides you with the flexibility of changing the bids at any time you want. It might so happen that even though you bid a higher amount, your ads do not appear on the search page or on the exact position where you want it to be. In such a situation, you can always return back to the bidding sheet to change the bids as and when you like.
If, however, the ads still don’t appear, you better check on other features of the ad like the keywords used or the title etc

New Bid Preview Tool Allows You To Check Bid Real Time


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