How Important Is The Use Of Icon In Web Design?

Icons form a pictographic representation of what you want your customers to know and understand about you. They define your work, your business, the product or service that you deliver through a single symbol. Icons in web design have become an inseparable part of any website. These are especially symbolic as an icon can speak out a hundred words about your website.

Icons also help in promoting and supporting content. Hence the efficient use of icons in web design is important for proper promotion of your website. For a web design, the quality of a website is determined by how quickly a website can pull in traffic and keep up engagement. The ease in comprehending the website reflects how well the web design of an icon has been created.

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Icons can replace content

Content forms an important part of a website. It can be in textual, image or any media format. Without content, website will not remain much engaging for customers. Hence, incorporating engaging content is necessary. However, with icons, the presence of content has become less significant.

Customers are easier convinced through images than through a long passage. While creating a web design, you should keep in mind your target audience. Know what they want and whether their needs can be represented through an icon. Replacing content with icon would never harm your website. On the contrary, it might prove to be the reason you have increased traffic to your site.

Highlight latest features

Icons can also be used in web design to highlight some original and exciting features of your website. For example, if yours is an ecommerce website selling clothing, you can use a custom made icon that would highlight the new arrival section or winter wear section.

Icons In Web Design

Icons when used for highlighting features, grab all attention. This automatically promotes new features through your website itself. However, for promoting features through icons, these should be positioned in such a place in the web page where customers would easily put their eyes on.

Icons amplify readability

Highlighting various points using number or bullets is quite common. If these are replaced by striking icons, the viewers’ engagement towards the site is bound to increase. The increased engagement would in turn result in higher visibility. Higher traffic to your website is always good for you as it would draw in more prospective customers and result in higher conversion.

As icons depict a particular content, it helps in increasing the readability of the content. For example emails or messages are mostly depicted through an envelope icon, or call is symbolized through a phone icon.

Icons help display creativity

Icons can also be used to display your creativity through web design. Creativity forms a major part of icons. Though there are thousands or ready icons, creating a custom made icon as part of your web design task gives you an extra edge. A powerful icon can help in achieving success the way a long verbiage would fail. While icon is tough with proper vision high visibility and traffic can be achieved.


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