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A well designed landing page is important to attract potential customers. It is the page that your customer lands up on after clicking the ad URL. However, visitors are not enough, you should try to focus on converting those visitors into paying customers. So, you may have an amazing product and may have used the best social media marketing methods available, but have you taken a closer look at your own landing page design? Yes, you landing page design and your website have the power to convert your visitor into a paying customer.

Here’s how to plan landing page design before you start :

• Know your target audience – This is something you should take care during the planning stage. Try to go deep into the detail about your target audience. Try to figure out what do they need? What are the challenges they are facing? How can you solve them? By getting to know the niche and their needs you get to save a lot of time and resource. Ideally landing page designs should be different for different target audiences and demographics.

• Content for individuals – No one likes to read generalized stuffs. To connect to your audience you will have to make them feel as if you are having a one–on–one conversation. Produce content that solves problems, gives more than what your competitors can provide, and that will give you an edge above them and build trust which is the base of every professional relationship.

• Very Important Attributes – Putting up a product manual in your landing page can make your visitor run away. So, find out the most important points like features, benefits, pain points (how is the product going to help the customer in solving their problems) etc. Do write a catchy headline that focuses entirely upon the core message that you are trying to convey.

Some basic points to keep in mind for landing page design:

a) Branding : Make sure your company brand is visible properly. The logo and company name should be placed properly. You would not want people to visit your landing page, maybe buy your products but not remember you any further.

b) Form Usage : If you are using a form on your landing page keep it ‘above the fold’ so that is it fully visible without having users to scroll down the page. This one point can increase the conversion ratio a lot for your website.

c) Address Privacy Concerns : A small note saying ‘we respect your privacy and do not sell your data’ or something similar below the Call to Action button can go a long way to increase form submissions and eliminate privacy concern of your visitors. Nobody likes to get spam emails.

d) Specific Call to Action : Do not use generalized ‘submit’ or ‘call now’ in the buttons or anywhere else. Be specific, let your visitors know why they should complete the action and what they will get in return, prompt them. Drive home the point by using words or phrases like ‘Download White Paper Now’ or ‘Call Now to Avail Discounts.’

e) Color Combination : What is the emotion you want to portray through your landing page? What kind of products or services are you trying to sell? All these questions and their answers will decide which colors should be used for the landing page design as well as for the Call to Action Buttons, headlines etc. A small color change can at times make a huge difference on the conversion ratio.

f) Keep Testing : Finally keep testing you landing pages with minor changes till you find out what works best for you. A/B split testing is the best way to find out what works and what not first hand.

Are you optimizing your landing page design for conversions? If not yet now is the time to start doing it!


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