Seven Remarkable Design Trends For 2015

Let us be honest here. Every entrepreneur wants to be ahead of the curve when it’s his business at stake. So it’s back to the drawing board and taking stock of trends at hand for 2015. Looking at the big picture over the last year, web design trends certainly created a lot of buzz. Hence it is rather easy to summarize how this year will go.
Presentation, attention to detail, creating beautiful design, working within a budget for a product – these are the things an organization would look at to get an edge over the competition. It must have that punchy layout, be easy to navigate, grab the attention of the prospect, and put you in the public eye. Any web design that can do all of this would be the one for you.
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The previous years have seen some very awesome design trends. Over the last year, New York Times has kept it simple, clean and user friendly. The look is strictly a “less is more” approach. This one is a definite thumbs-up. Whereas Starbucks, your favorite coffee shop has gone with the responsive theme! The customer can keep track of rewards, find the closest Starbucks with their store locator and this site also gives you the latest news on everything related to Starbucks. In short, you might as well be walking into a modern day coffee shop. The web design sells the brand as it is meant to – a coffee shop served hot as a morning cuppa! Refreshing!
So let’s bring in the “A” game for 2015, the 7 design trends that will make the rounds:
Simplicity works every time
A website can convey more without the use of heavy content. Keeping it minimal has always worked. A button that can transform the page with a click and give the user a delightful tour of the company, its product and services would work to its advantage. Clean, powerful visuals and interactive content can work very well especially for mobile users.
Visually stunning images
It’s really as plain as this: people don’t like to read too much content. They want to feast their eyes on beautiful pictures and videos; something that comes with a catchy headline. If the design on your home page showcases your product with spectacular images then you have already sold them on it. The key would be to use images and videos that engage the visitor into exploring more. So, one of the design trends for 2015 has to include stunning images.
Responsive design
Over the last few years we have seen that word “responsive” being bandied about like no one’s business but it holds true even today. With the advent of smart phones, smart watches, tablets, appliances, all kinds of devices the context of “responsive” holds doubly true in 2015. All of these devices are unique and have their own challenges. Hence it is imperative that the theme of your website be responsive in order to accommodate any of these devices. The content must be sized appropriately, navigation simplified and web designers must adapt their considerable techniques to suit these requirements.
Design Trends In 2015
The subtle influence of Micro interactions
This will be one of the most important design trends in 2015. Acclimatizing to visitor requirements means that you evolve in ways that help you connect with them on the smallest of details. It allows your web page to engage in more interactive ways to provide feedback, to post a status or to change a setting. When you sell a product or service, two things to bear in mind would be features and details. As creatures of habit, we tend to overlook the little details; your microinteraction could be your USP.
The super powers of Typography
Another predictable of design trends this year is typography – an element that plays a key role in setting the quality, theme, and message of your website. Research has happily concluded that size and design of font makes it conducive to reading. Thus it stands to reason that text is crucial, whatever the platform you are using. Typography will carry the content that you want the visitor to learn about your business. Hence, turning the spotlight on something you want to sell can be done aesthetically with the perfect web font for your site.
Flat design – one of the most expected design trends to rule the year
Flat design isn’t all that new. Microsoft started the trend a few years back. Flat design is an amalgamation of startling colors and unique typography. The key element of flat design is its penchant for minimalistic design; the overall look is fresh, modern and embraces solid colors. The reason this design will be the trend of 2015 is because it is simply brilliant in concept while its main focus remains the content. This design uses more of the white element, eliminates clutter and keeps the experience totally user-friendly to the visitor.
Cool SVG to keep it mobile friendly
The use of SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics can make your images superlative and ideal for any device or screen resolution. It ensures that you have pixel clarity and will present your pictures to the world in glorious detail whether your visitor is using an Android or an iPad, or a PC. With SVG you can design and animate various web elements.
So, these are the design trends that would most presumably rule in 2015. Think something else can make way into the list? Do write to us.

Seven Remarkable Design Trends For 2015


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