Detailed Guide to Getting More Comments For Your Blog Articles

The thing about blogging is that most people that start off in the field green behind the ears think it has to do mostly with writing. Blogging is basically writing things on the internet, right? That’s only partially true. Yes, you can’t have a blog if you don’t write. Also, you can’t have a blog that does well if you don’t produce great content. But that isn’t the only thing there is to achieve. Getting more comments for your blog articles is very much important for the popularity and interactivity of your blog.  There’s a whole world of other aspects to blogging such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media profiles, setting up email lists etc.

One of the facets of your blog that needs attention from day one is comments. Comments are the life blood of any blog. They serve a number of different functions. Firstly, comments serve as a platform for authors and readers to interact. While the post needs to cater to readers’ needs, it isn’t possible to address all of them. Thus the comments are is where you get to fill in the gaps. Comments also serve as a feedback mechanism- going through them can help bloggers understand the pulse of their readers and what their most pressing doubts are.

Here are a few things you can do to get more comments on a blog:

Foster Community

It is important to understand that a blog is like any other social setting. A new reader feels the same way commenting on a blog that’s new to them as they would at a party filled with strangers. There’s always a sense of foreboding as to how people would react to your views or if they would even pay attention at all.

In order to encourage a greater sense of community, make people feel welcome on your blog.  The number one way to do this is to simply ask for peoples’ views. Let your readers know that their views mean something to you. This is a surefire to way encourage comments on your blog.

Reply to Comments

The worst thing you can do is to tell people you value their views and behave like you haven’t even seen them. If you’re at the stage where you’re hoping to get more comments, it means that there aren’t too many to reply to. So reply! It could be anything from a follow-up question to simply thanking them for chipping in with their opinion.

Replying to comments is also a chance to probe a bit deeper into what your audience wants. If your blog post on low-calorie breakfast recipes gets a comment pertaining to a doubt on how to blanch vegetable, it probably means that there’s a section of your readership that could do with that information. So don’t just reply to comments at face value. Search instead for the underlying message that is being made.

Give Your Blog Character

At the end of the day, blogs are served to your audience the same way any other data on the internet is. The words you type may personal and dear but they’re converted to bits and bytes and packed off to various parts of the world through wires and signals. Don’t let your blog come of mechanical and distant. Give it some character.

Take, for example, the wildly popular fitness blog Nerd Fitness. Steve Kamb calls his audience the rebellion and himself the rebel leader. There are rules that members of the rebellion abide by and tasks to accomplish. This kind of almost gamification of the blog has helped it become one of the biggest names not just in the fitness space, but all of blogging itself. So in order to give your readers a voice, make your blog feel more human.


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