Five LinkedIn Tricks To Boost Your Site Rank

Social Media is a great way to interact with you target audience. However, it does not limit your interaction just to your customers. Social networks like LinkedIn are platforms where you can boost your site rank by interacting with your competitors and your audience together. At present almost 8 out of 10 companies are using LinkedIn tricks to find customers as well as to connect with their competitors.

The popularity of LinkedIn has risen globally over the years boosting its value in billions. The rise has resulted from the increasing engagement and the various functionalities provided by LinkedIn. Hence to increase your site visibility in the social media, creating a LinkedIn profile and connecting with people through it is important.
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If you are still thinking of ways as to how to boost your page rank, below are a few LinkedIn tricks that assist you in popularizing your profile.
1. Complete profile
One of the LinkedIn tricks! Go through an elaborate process of registration when you first open a LinkedIn profile. Though you can always skip through the processes, it is advised that you complete all the sections. A fully complete profile is easier for the social site as well as the users to find what they are looking for. LinkedIn provide a LinkedIn Help section where you are provided with guidance to complete your profile.
2. Suitable image
Like any other social media site, there are LinkedIn tricks also to make your site rank better. LinkedIn provides you with a space where you can display your image. If the site you are creating is for your organization use an image that reflects your business. You can always use your business logo as it is the symbolic representation of your company. For an individual profile, a clean and distinct image is important. Make sure that the image that you use is not grainy or faded. Image is one of the first things that a viewer sees in your profile. A bad image often puts a bad impression on the viewer, resulting in reduced visibility.
Best LinkedIn Tricks
3. Anchor links
In a LinkedIn profile, you can list a maximum of 3 links. You can always use generic titles like “web Design Company” or “bloggers”. However, it is suggested that in order to boost your site rank you should include keyword –rich titles in the list. As these are more SEO friendly, chances of your profile receiving greater clicks when searched through, increases. This is definitely one of the most useful LinkedIn tricks to follow.
4. Utilize summary section
The summary section of LinkedIn is one of the most useful spaces in your profile. This is one of the LinkedIn tricks your site will need. Try to utilize it to the optimum. The summary section provides the maximum character count. Write up a good summary that would be compelling as well as engaging to the viewers. Include your accolades and accomplishments. Write what you aim to achieve. Remember to mention where else can your viewers find you. Provide your correct email address and other contact details in the summary itself. You can also include sample links as examples to show your viewers your work.
5. Active participation
For any social profile, active participation forms the key to gain visitors to your site. Add to various communities that are relevant and actively participate in those. Prospects would take notice only if they find that you are quite active in the social forum. When you join such communities you not only get noticed by community members, but also by the search engines. As your name appears along with the community search engine spiders are forced to crawl through these as well. It will increase your keyword relevance. This helps in boosting your page rank. Using a geographical location name results in geo-targeting your audience. This is particularly helpful boosting rank for local search marketing.

Five LinkedIn Tricks To Boost Your Site Rank


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