Will Pinterest In 2015 Be A Must-Have For Beginners?

The number of social media networks has increased so much that advertisers need to pick only the most suitable ones. This will help them concentrate their time and energy only on the most possible income sources. When you start thinking in this line of thought, you might easily exclude Pinterest from your list of social marketing as the stats are relatively in favor of social media giants like Facebook and Twitter compared to that of Pinterest. However, it seems that Pinterest in 2015 will have a stronghold in the social media market.

But the benefits of Pinterest go beyond the general statistics making it a compulsory estment that needs to be done by marketing beginners. Here are some compelling reasons why Pinterest in 2015 will be a must-have for beginners.
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Tremendous growth
Pinterest was launched in the March of 2010 and is already a highly valued company of about 5 billion in worth. It has made a steady growth through the years and has become the most talked about platform last year. Currently 23% of the referral traffic is controlled by Pinterest. The number of pins has been increasing at a rate of 25 % every quarter and it has been gaining new signups from both men and women in large amounts. This visually-driven platform has witnessed a growth rate of 111% in the last six months alone.
Better reachability of female audience
Pinterest has always been associated with the female population and is probably the best tool if your target audience is women. Although the numbers of male users are experiencing a boost, women form about 80% of total Pinterest users.
Visual marketing
A photo is all you need to make the best use of Pinterest in 2015. A nice photo almost completes a post and you just have to concentrate on what needs to be shown in the image. The most common trending topics of Pinterest are Food, drinks, DIY projects, Crafts and Home décor. If your content revolves around any of these topics, Pinterest is the best way to tell your story in the form of a visual treat.
Weekend post
Many marketers find it difficult to allocate work hours for the marketing purpose. They can only find time at evenings or weekends. But the sad truth is that these are the hours that might lead to wasting of your efforts. However, using Pinterest for posting on weekends will not affect your return. Busy bees who can find time for marketing only on weekends will find Pinterest in 2015 to be a boon.
Features Of Pinterest In 2015
Advertising potential of Pinterest
Pinterest works well with deeper targeting and when it is done effectively you can reap the same results you can achieve using Facebook or Twitter. It has several advantages over the other platforms in the form of its category targeting search, home-feed targeting and targeting based on gender, location, language and device. Pinterest can offer insights on user’s interests and purchasing behavior. It allows advertisers to strategize and manage your audience set.
The social media platform has made further improvements in its features-set. Pinterest in 2015 therefore becomes a wise choice for businesses.
Some of the improvements made are
An analytic feature that gives stats on the performance of individual pins.
User statistics based on gender, location and interests and individual user data.
Free focus group based brand testing.
Powerful keywords search
Pinterest’s powerful keywords let you use them to a great advantage. You can associate them with your location, profile name and blogs. You can apply several tactics and keywords to username, profile name, about description, board title name and board description to get amazing results. Pinterests Guided search tool can be exploited to the maximum by optimizing your Pinterest account.
Get started with Pinterest in 2015 marketing that holds a promising field for marketing.

Will Pinterest In 2015 Be A Must-Have For Beginners?


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