Market Your Business On Flickr – The Best Indian Tech, Social Media Marketing & Web Design & Development Blogs

Owned by Yahoo, Flickr is a fun way of sharing your photos and videos with your loved ones and those who might love to see the work. From amateur photographers to professionals everyone can use it. It is not just another website where you can store or share photos there is a business aspect to it too.

You can promote your business, but in an indirect way because Flickr does not allow you to exploit their website for commercial purpose.
Here’s how you can do it:
Target the profile – When you sign up with Flickr they ask you to provide some information about yourself, your website address etc. You can describe yourself and tell what you do in your profile in a casual informal manner. You can make your company logo your Flickr icon too.
Make use of the text – You can describe the photographs you have uploaded and tag them too. Make sure that you do not go overboard with sales pitch. However, you can include website address, company name etc.
Upload quality photos – When it comes to photographs make sure to upload the best amongst the lot. However, do not make it a catalogue for displaying your products and services as that is against the rules. So make sure to use your creativity with the pictures to make it look less promotional.
Make use of groups – There are several groups on Flickr, you must join those groups that might include your target audience. You can not only post on those groups but you can start and join discussions too.
Connect with your customers – Do contact your customers who are already using Flickr because that will be a welcoming change for them. To keep the communication processes do comment on their photographs as they would appreciate that.

Market Your Business On Flickr – The Best Indian Tech, Social Media Marketing & Web Design & Development Blogs


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