Google Domains Sets The Wheels Of Domain Services Turning Superfast

Just three months with the IPO, GoDaddy has suffered a nasty shock. Apparently, Google, the tech giant has entered the domain selling market. With Google Domains hosting services in the market, other domain sellers are worried for the stiff competition that they would have to face.

Google had already started its domain hosting services since mid 2014. However, it was in the beta testing phase and available only to a handful of testers at that time. Google Domains was officially launched a couple of days back and opened its services to the entire US. Google informed that domain services are still in the beta testing phase even though it has been made public.

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The services

Google Domains hosting services that made its way in the market last year had arrived loaded with some fabulous features. It would include services like free private registration, free email forwarding services, free domain and website forwarding services. Hence users can now buy, shift and manage their domains easily. Google had collaborated with custom website builders like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly etc. This would help users create websites easily and without many hassles. Though initially Google had kept out its own blog publishing tool Blogger, with the recent launch it has included it as well.

Google Domains Services

Google’s domain hosting services start from a charge plan of $12 a year. This includes Whois privacy, domain and sub-domain forwarding, Google name servers with 10million DNS and support services and access to management tools. For simplified management of domain and website settings, Google Domains has also included an easy-to-use dashboard for its users.

Why Google

Google domain services provide a number of additional services like auto renewal of domains and free access to various Google apps. Though app integration has not yet been facilitated, Google is currently working to expand the features it provides in the Google Domains. With a range of tools and handy features, let alone the brand name, users in the US are opting for Google domain services.

The launch of Google domain hosting services has deeply impacted rival domain services. GoDaddy recently had its IPO. However, with Google’s entry all domain services are planning out newer strategies and diversifying their products to prevent losing their customer base.


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