How To Stay Connected On Social Media With Customers

Do you think just creating a compelling ad is enough to attract visitor in social media? Think again. A compelling ad will only be visible to your target audience if it is properly promoted. The promotion of an ad needs to be directed towards the right audience at the right time to get the optimum impact on your audience. If you are able to stay connected on social media with your customers, half of your promotional battle is won.

However, it is easier said than done. Keeping users hooked to your social profile or making them visit your profile regularly is tough. You need to ensure that you post new features at frequent intervals to stay connected on social media. It is also necessary to post interesting content that will engage users. This in turn will increase your visibility in social media and your reach towards prospective customers.

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Your online fan base helps you to generate further customers. They make your blogs more interesting to read. However, there are few interesting tricks that you can use to stay connected on social media with your customers.

Your customers judge you best

Your customers are the best judge of your work. However, not all members are helpful judges. Few might find a particular content great, while others might reject it as bad. They do not quite form the helpful bunch. Look for members who would provide you with genuine assessment of your work. This batch of members will point out the fault you have committed as well as provide you with a viable solution to the problem. These are the best judges of your work.

Try to give special attention to these members in the social community. Apart from providing you with quality comments, they will also share your posts and bring in more real-time community members. You can also ask them to invite in friends to follow you in the social media sites.

Finding quality members in social media is a bit time consuming and one of its drawbacks. However, once you have such members, they will be actively promoting your site.

You can also go the Social Media way, visiting other social sites to pull in members to your profile.

Real-time conversation platform

Conversing with real time users is the best way to build relation with the community members, increase followers and to stay connected on social media. Members do not feel left out or ignored hence responses actively to your queries.

Stay Connected On Social Media with Customers

There are many online conversation platforms available that you can use to interact with your followers. Spot.IM is one such platform where you can interact with your customers. These platforms can be operated directly from your webpage and you can easily converse with your community members.

Your community members belong to different background. The only thing similar in them is you. Hence try to unite them by sharing various things of interest. If you increase activities in your site, it will improve your chance to stay connected on social media with customers.

Highlight fans

Your fans are the only reason you are able to survive in the social community. Hence never underestimate them. Highlighting fans and their advocacies, provides your social profile members with the zeal to study more about your site. This will result in their spending more time in your website.

Highlighting fans will benefit you in other ways as well. While highlighting, you will normally quote a helpful comment by a member, or highlight the member who shares the most. You can also provide fans with incentives that truly benefit you in generating traffic as well as bringing huge returns on investment.

Don’t keep your fans waiting for reply. Respond to their queries immediately to show that you are genuinely interested in them.


Marketing and promotional techniques are many. But social platforms with its capacity to reach to a huge number of target audience within a short span is one of the most preferred techniques for online marketers.

To stay connected on social media is a great way to show to your community members that you care and take a genuine interest in solving their problems. Conversation on social media bridges the gap between you and your audience and takes it to a personal level.

With efficient management of your social community you will attract newer members to your community. It will also help you build a niche in social media and in turn the search engine thereby pulling up your ranks and visibility.


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