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Instagram has transformed the way we take pictures. You can edit the photos in simple steps and share them with the world. Instagram has moved past the stage of merely being a photo editing app, it has evolved into one of the leading social media channels, yet it is still known for its photo editing features. Instagram is fairly easy to use but not many of you might know the tricks to use it correctly. So here’s how you can make your regular snaps special.

Use your normal phone camera- Unless you want a full length shot it’s best to use your phone camera. With Instagram once you take the picture you will have to crop and decide upon the filter. So by using your phone camera you can click multiple shots and later on use the image that you like and edit it according to your needs.
Lens accessory- If you are really serious about photography and have extra amount to spare then you can get lens accessory to enhance the photograph. Lots of big brands are making them like Sony, Olloclip etc. They provide additional optical zoom that will give you a clearer picture.
Cropping- There is no avoiding cropping unless you take the picture using Instagram’s native camera. You can try reducing the size of the photograph by reducing the resolution to fit the image within the frame, but that will make the process a bit lengthy. There are free apps like InstaPicFrame and Photo Grid that can help you out with cropping and creating collage, so you can post multiple pictures at once.
Frames- While some photos look amazing with frames others may not look that great. You can check out the image with and without the frames. Frames are best for portrait shots or selfies and you can also use them when you shoot a building or product. But it is not something you should use to shoot a landscape as that might make it look unnatural, unless that is what you want the image to look like. One thing to know is that frames come with filters, so unless the filter contains the frame you will not be able to use it.
Filters selection- Filters are what makes Instagram special, so select the filters wisely. Filters like Rice and Earlybird are great for portrait shots but not so much for landscape photography. On the other hand filters like Toaster and Hefe can makes any landscape look extraordinary. You can also create amazing black and white images using filters like Willow and Inkwell.
Do not use double filter- Unless you want something extravagant try to avoid using filter upon a photograph that has already been filtered. It will kill the look and originality that normal filters provide. So, it’s best to avoid re-filtering any image.
Raindrop- This icon can completely transform your photograph. You can focus upon a particular portion of the image and the rest of the part will be blurry. You can customize the focus by dragging. If you want to increase the focus then just drag the raindrop across the image.
Lux- If you want to bring out the details of your photograph then use Lux. It is something that works well with nature photography, but it’s not something that works wonders on humans, as it might reveal your hidden flaws. However, you can always remove those flaws using other filters.
Hashtags- Use hashtags wisely, do not go overboard with them. Try to keep it relevant, just because a particular hashtag it is trending doesn’t really mean you have to use it. Hashtags are a great community builders and discovery tool. Searching hashtags can help you find images and will let others find your images.

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How To Be A Good Instagrammer – The Best Indian Tech, Social Media Marketing & Web Design & Development Blogs


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