Do Not Let Your Blog Be A Drab – The Best Indian Tech, Social Media Marketing & Web Design & Development Blogs

Blogs are an amazing way to gain audience, and most of the big names in the industry have their own blogs. So, you might have decided to go forward and hired the best people to work on the content, the best designers and an exceptional SEO team. With such a strong team can your blog fail? The answer is yes, if it doesn’t reach the target audience or if it fails to grab their attention. So, how to save it?

  • Try not bore your readers– Your readers do not need the same old product description that is published in hundreds of other blogs. So, what to do when you do not have access to exclusive information? You bring out a new perspective of the existing topic. So what if the industry that you are in doesn’t have any interesting topics? In that case you will have to think of your target audience and give content that they would find interesting. For example if you sell industrial goods then your target audience must be the industries out there. So give them details about the products including the history and origin, interviews of influential people with reference of your product etc. All you have to do is be creative and any boring topic can become interesting.
  • Be consistent– Make sure that the interesting content you have created get posted on a regular basis. To bring back the audience you need to post content on a regular basis or they will not come back. One of the best things to get regular visitors is to create follow up post, where you write about the topics but not cover all the aspect in one article. If you are using WordPress then you can use the editorial calendar plugin. This calendar is found under the post section that shows up each one of the blog post in the date that it is scheduled for. You also get the quick edit option where you can edit the post from the calendar itself as well as drag and drop the post. A content calendar is always the best way to schedule posts.
  • Conclusion leading to a conversation– End your post with a question, asking for your readers opinion and suggestion. In this way your readers will want to comment to make a point. Once you receive a comment, positive or negative make sure to follow up as that will strike a conversation which indeed might spark interest in others to comment. If they provide any links in their comment then do not remove it as that will add value to your content.  Comments also create a notion amongst the visitor about how interesting the post might be.
  • Social media references– If people visit your blog because of your social media efforts then it’s a good thing, but what about those who are unaware of the social media page you have? For that every once in a while you must highlight about the happenings in your social media pages.

In this competitive field there might be hundreds even thousands of similar blog. So to get ahead you have to bring in what others haven’t brought. Another important aspect is keyword, Google suggests not to stuff it. Never write for search engines as it won’t buy your product or service they are just a medium through which the audience will come in.


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