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Digest this: Proper SEO practices can double your ecommerce sales! Skeptical and puzzled? It may sound unrealistic, fluff and just an advertising campaign, but it is not! The proper amalgamation of conversion rate optimization and search engine optimization possess the potential of doubling your gains on e-commerce sales.

Traffic generation, sales increment, buyers engagement and a lot more – we have got them all covered here!

Trick 1:                                                                         

How do you behave with out of stock items?

Out of stock! How pleasing the situation is for the ecommerce retailer! No? This indicates things are getting sold much faster than they arrive (*be positive*)!

Jokes apart!  When any such situation arrives, just don’t tease the page anyhow. Let it remain the way it is. Do not hide the URL, delete or replace it. Avoid adding other products at that place and do not redirect the visitors too.


When an item is out of stock, have other highly resembling and equally relevant alternatives displayed through widgets on the site. You may keep following things into consideration:

  • Products having same colors
  • Different colored but same products
  • Newer and revised versions
  • Same products sponsored from other brands
  • Products resembling in quality and price

Maintaining a better linkage with your potential customers, it is better to inform them about the expected arrival of their favorite product which is out of stock at that instant. You can also choose to let them order the product and deliver them as soon as it comes. Buyers who are a fan of the product won’t mind waiting extra hours to get it. Further compensate for the inconvenience caused with price reduction and other incentives.

Key is to let the craze increase!

Trick 2:

What do you do with out of fashion and outdated products?

Fashion keeps on changing and so do the people’s tastes and preferences. Clothing and electronics are most susceptible to such changes.

What do you do with such items? Various companies choose to delete the respective pages without taking any action further. Do not commit this blunder with your site!

This is considered bad from SEO point of view. Along with losing SEO value, you also lose people’s interest as people who bookmarked the page will now receive an error message.


If you have got the replacement of outdated products with a newer one, make use of 301 permanent redirect from the older link to the URL of replaced product. This will tell Google that you want to rank this page instead, thus maintaining the SEO.

Further to facilitate users, you can redirect the visitors to new URL where user will found the similar products as she/he intended. In worst case, when you don’t have any of these options working with you, you can choose to use 410 status code that will notify Google that the page has gone and will not return back.

However, if URL has nothing to with the product like model and their specifications are no relevant, you may choose to reuse the URL!

Trick 3:

How do you handle seasonal products?

The better alternative to this is to link the seasonal products with the appropriate product categories. It is recommended to optimize the most important pages having large potential to attract customers. Rest of your budget could then be used to strengthen product categories.

In case you are a launching some new product with great demand, do not forget to add a label of coming soon in URL and complement it with original and high quality content. Further integrating with social networks and media will help you in receiving warm response from clients.


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