QuickFire Networks Acquisition Will Benefit Facebook Video Watchers

Great news Facebookers! Now watch videos without exhausting your bandwidth. According to sources, Facebook has done it yet again. The leading social networking site has acquired yet another startup named QuickFire Networks, renowned for its video compressing technology.

QuickFire Networks commenced its operations in 2014. It claims that it has structured a format that lets users watch high quality videos on low bandwidth without disrupting the quality of the video. This means videos will require lesser time to buffer and download. Its services can compress the videos and shrink the bit rates. However, the quality of videos remains unaffected. “QuickFire Networks will provide you with the weapons necessary to meet the onslaught of the video revolution,” says the official website of QuickFire.
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QuickFire was born out of a contest held by Tech Crunch in 2014. Its innovative technology is something that would be very helpful for marketers who seek to promote their products via video advertisements.
The news was confirmed by the CEO of QuickFire Networks, Craig Lee himself in the official site www.quickfirenetworks.com.
Facebook’s purpose
Facebook has been a major promotional forum for marketers. However, videos in Facebook did not find many takers. The main reason being the high bandwith consumption and slow download speed.
QuickFire Networks Acquisition
Spokespersons from Facebook said, “Video is an essential part of the Facebook experience. We are excited to bring QuickFire Networks on board as we continue delivering a high quality video experience to the over 1.3 billion people who use Facebook,”
Facebook benefits
However the acquisition of QuickFire will be greatly beneficial to Facebook monetarily. With this new technology handy, advertisement promotions in video format will be what marketers and Facebook will be looking forward to.
Videos are something that are viewed and shared widely. However, often high quality videos are ignored by enthusiastic users because of slow buffering. With QuickFire, this issue can be easily resolved and users can download and view high quality videos effortlessly. This will also help Facebook to pull in more users from rival sites like YouTube.

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QuickFire Networks Acquisition Will Benefit Facebook Video Watchers


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