Why You Should Consider Python Web Development?

It is really a tough job to conclude one particular programming language as the best. Each language has its own fandom and loyal programmers’ community who will support the language to any extreme. The general notion is that all languages are great and it just depends upon the user and their compatibility with the language. While this is true to some extent, we cannot deny the fact that some languages like python are much better than others for a specific purpose, say web development. You may be considering Python web development now. But you need to get a good knowledge about it first.

Python was conceived in the late 80s as the brainchild of Guido Van Rossum. It is one of the most popular high-level languages and is designed for improved readability and accessibility. Programs can be created with fewer lines than C++ or Java. Python web development supports object oriented, imperative and functional/procedural programming styles. It eases development with a dynamic type system, automatic memory management and a large standard library. With its primary focus on simplicity and elegant design it is suitable for projects with more than a single programmer.
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Python and the web
Python web development is chosen by most web developers. Some of the common applications that use python are YouTube, DropBox, Google, Quora, Instagram, early versions of BitTorrent, reddit, Pinterest, Blender3D, BitBucket, Yahoo maps, linux, shopzilla and the list goes on. As you can see, many major players have been using python extensively making it the most profitable programming language in web development.
The goal of WSGI is to provide a simple and comprehensive interface to support web server and web framework interactions. A WSGI compliant application will be able to run in multiple web servers. It acts as Python’s take on Ruby on rails. It allows for portable Python web codes.
Frameworks are usually a server side technology that provides developers with a collection of packages and modules for handling low level details like protocols, sockets or process management. With the use of frameworks you can create custom codes to make your websites more interactive.
Python Web Development For Beginnersweb
Django is a high level Python web framework that promotes clean, pragmatic design and rapid development. Django is specifically built for providing robust database support to python applications. It was first created by an online news operation and is a great tool for developing high performance apps. It follows the MVC architecture and the principle of don’t repeat yourself.
The advantages of Python
Python programs are 3-5 times smaller than Java programs making it easier to develop and debug. It is a dynamic typed language and so when you are opting for Python web development you are saving huge time. Since python is relatively easier to learn and promotes readability many companies like Bank of America and JP Morgan have adopted python for their application development.
Python can be easily extended from different industries for a wide range of usages. It can be used in the development of websites, web apps, system administrations, VOIP and desktop applications. Its excellent scalability features have made YouTube to use Python since 2007. It promotes rapid application development and provides flexible programming options.
Knowledge base
Python is one of the easiest programming languages and therefore Python web development is recommended for beginners. It has a simple syntax resembling pseudo code. A project that may take a year to complete using C++ can be easily completed within two months using Python. It allows programmers to develop software quickly without having to go through the trouble of learning complex syntaxes and programming paradigms. As soon as you learn the basics of python you will be able to start coding. As stated earlier, python also makes use of frameworks which lighten the programmers load. With its simple and straightforward approach, python web development ensures positive programming traits.
Should you opt for Python web development?
The obvious answer is yes. Python may need specialist hosting and python developers may not be as revered as PHP or Java developers. But the positive aspects of Python like its consistency, clean coding, functional programming and active community outweigh the negatives making it a perfect choice for web development.
So, you have enough reasons to go with Python web development irrespective of whether you are a beginner.

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Why You Should Consider Python Web Development?


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