Significant Effects Of Changing Algorithm On Website Ranks

Change in algorithm is a constant process. Google wants to serve its users with the best and most relevant search results. This makes Google update its algorithm frequently. It has been studied that Google updates and introduces around five hundred changes in its search engine each year. This number however excludes the major updates that Google rolls out every year. However, this frequently changing algorithm has a severe effect on the rankings of the websites.

After the roll out of each new algorithm, web masters incorporate some changes in their websites. But as soon as the new SEO strategy gains ground, a new update or change in algorithm rolls out, forcing you to introduce few more changes in the marketing plan. It may so happen sometimes that you are forced to revise your entire online marketing strategy.

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The changing algorithm has positive as well as negative effects on the various metrics of a website.

Positive Effects:

More relevant search results – For users, the changing algorithm proves to be a boon. The input of each keyword or phrase draws out more relevant results. Thus users need not search too long to find a site of their relevance.

Increased conversion – Relevant results would always bring in real time customers who are actually seeking your product. Changing algorithm would make your site more relevant to prospective users who would end up buying products or services from your website. Hence you can expect an increase in ROI.

Effect Of Changing Algorithm

Rid of unwanted keywords – If you have been hit by any of Google’s changing algorithm, the first thing that is necessary is to eliminate all the unwanted and irrelevant keywords. Google algorithm observes strict usage of keywords. The use of keywords that is nowhere related to website is often severely penalized by Google. This however lets your website get rid of the unwanted or junk keywords. This proves to be helpful as removal of those keywords makes your site genuine.

Removal of bad backlinks – Backlinks that have been severely penalized by Google’s algorithm should be removed immediately. The presence of bad backlinks in your site would in turn harm your site too. You can always ask the web master to remove the links.

Negative Effects:

Reduced visibility – The immediate effect of the changing Google algorithm is a sudden fall in the page rank. If your site is penalized, it will, for sure loose visibility. Hence even if you invest heavily on online marketing, if you are hit by any of Google algorithm, your site will reduce visibility.

Fall in quality score – Quality score is one of the metrics that determine the page rank of a website. However, it is not known how Google evaluates the quality score of a website. But changing Google algorithm has a huge effect on paid search as well as Ad group and keywords. Google often uses CPC as one of the metrics to evaluate quality score.

Changing marketing strategy – The changing algorithm requires marketers to change the marketing strategy to maintain the page rank of websites. However, the frequently changing algorithm and introduction of new features in it forces SEO analyst and marketers to change their plans frequently. With each algorithm roll out, marketers need to incorporate some twists and turns in their present plan to accommodate at par with the algorithm’s function.


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