Increase Your Audience Engagement Through Social Media

When we talk about social media marketing, we often get confused about the platforms. Giving right direction to your activity is very important to enhance the audience engagement through Social Media.

The platforms give the traffic and choosing them among thousands of which are present on the internet is very tough and important. While YouTube and facebook ads are enough to capture 90% of the overall market traffic we can’t ignore the contribution of other sites. These sites make your brand visible by every individual and gives straight benefit.
Here are few platforms that might work-
YouTube – It’s shocking but true. Every successful endorsement first lands up on YouTube than on any other site. It is the most appreciated one with giving 76% response to the overall investment done to it. YouTube gives exclusive exposure to your brand by its own video ads and pictures. As we know, for informative videos YouTube is number one ranked so it is also number one in case of advertisements.
Facebook – Every youngster is on facebook, every revolt starts on facebook, every activity gets judged on facebook. Likes of facebook decides which one is the best among different brands, endorsement activities are continues on facebook. These facts are it-selves defining the value of an endorsement on facebook. Facebook stands on second rank in case of endorsement and can compete with YouTube in nearby future.
Blogs – Blogs are one of the strongest areas to focus for social media marketing. It’s just one rank down from facebook. Blog is your brand’s individual space where you are supposed to put every single bit of information about your brand. Doesn’t matter if it is not giving you the best results. It is a place for people to grab information about your brand. So you can’t ignore its contribution.
LinkedIn – The use of LinkedIn is supposed to enhance at its zenith in nearby future. This is covering 66% of the overall social media traffic. These factors make it a worthy place to endorse your brand. LinkedIn is a professional site with less social media plug-in so the endorsements at this site are different from other networks.
Twitter – It is surprising that twitter holds fifth position but the traffic on brand endorsement is just 64% at this site. Though the twitter page gets followers at a huge scale you can’t communicate effectively here. Still the returns are pretty good to make your brand come here for endorsement.
Google+ – Google+ is the new centre of attraction for so many business advertisements. It is one of those sites on whom we can trust for future social media activities. This site is emerging as a new successful platform for social media adds. Landing on this site doesn’t give you straight results but can insure you for future plug-ins
Pinterest – This is a site which has established itself in very less time. Many businesses are on their way to increase activities here because it has also become a cloud capturing site. This site is new but the responses of these sites proved it as a promising site.
Photo Sharing Sites – These sites are commonly used by business people for endorsement. As we know that pictures are more important for effective one to one conversation. That is why these sites have their own places in the ad-world. For example- Google images, Instagram etc.

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Increase Your Audience Engagement Through Social Media


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