Effective Marketing Using Google Plus Hangouts

Google is the bandwagon of all kinds of digital marketing campaigns from social marketing to SEO activities provided by the Google products. Google Plus is another profitable social media channel from Google that has immense opportunities for marketing. This article will explore the benefits and uses of Google Plus Hangouts on air and additional feature of Google Plus that provides valuable user engagement via video chats.

Live videos are held in high respect due to the high levels of SEO ranking they give. People usually watch videos in any of the following two ways. First is live broadcast streaming. You can broadcast your live video sessions for free using of Google Plus Hangouts. People tend to experience better interactivity via live conversation when they watch videos online. Second, watch a pre-published video that was published somewhere else.

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Google Plus Hangouts allows you to broadcast your video chat to everyone in your circle. You can also go live on YouTube or to your own site where you can record your chat. One to one interactions, product demos, interviews, Q&A sessions, meetings and a lot more applications can be easily implemented using Google Plus Hangouts.

Demonstrate your products

The perfect platform to give your products that are due for release an introduction would be Google Plus Hangouts. You can get instant reviews and interact directly with your customers. Record a demonstration on the features of your product and upload it on YouTube. You can share the video with as many people as possible to get the maximum reach.

Customer service

Skype is the most commonly used tool for communicating with consumers online. But Skype network can get cumbersome for one-on-one interactions as it is most suited for group communications.  Google Plus Hangouts provides efficient one-on-one interaction with customers enabling you to provide the best possible quality and service.

Meetings between employees and customers

Another great application from Hangouts is the ability to create meetings with employees and customers. These meetings will let companies connect their employees and customers located in different locations. This application is a boon to startup companies which need to connect with remote developers and support staff.

Benefits Of Google Plus Hangouts

Google Plus Hangouts gives editing options while conducting the meeting and you can omit private details to show only the meeting summary in the company blogs.

Blog updates derived from these meetings serve as an interface between the customers and the development team getting them familiarized with the company’s work pattern.


Hangouts has in-built features for building high quality audio and video podcasts that can be broadcasted via Google Plus Hangouts on air. Podcasts broadcasted using Hangouts have a better SEO rating as they automatically get recorded on the YouTube channel. This podcast or video can be embedded in the company’s website with a show note on the resources.

WordPress users can install Yoast Video SEO plugin to increase the show note’s search ratings. You can tag the post as a rich media source and then include Google authorship. Not many people are aware of the podcast feature of Google Plus Hangouts on air. Hence there is a lot of scope for new comers.

You can download the video recorded by YouTube by clicking on ‘Video manager’ link. Select and download the required video in mp4 format and then you can convert it to an mp3 file for podcasting using tools like audacity.

Q&A Session

Informative Q&A sessions with perfect podcasts are excellent for getting close with your customers. Experts can answer questions posed by customers. This application though may sound similar to TweetChat, is much more beneficial as it enables powerful one-on-one sessions like personal interviews.

Interview with media people

Using Google Plus Hangouts on air extensively can be very helpful in attracting media attention to your product. You can invite experts, relevant blogs, and other news sources to hangout during any major event regarding your product. You can then make the perfect podcasts form those interviews and questionnaire sessions.

The above applications are only a part of the varied benefits you can avail by using Google Plus Hangouts on air. There are so many more awesome features from Google Hangouts that you can utilize to effectively channelize your social marketing campaigns.


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