Is Yahoo Directory Shutdown A Desperate Attempt To Regain Users?

Is it a goodbye from Yahoo Directory altogether? The Yahoo directory shutdown was to take place officially on the last day of the year. However, the closure was a few days early than what Yahoo had announced earlier. With the Yahoo directory shutdown, an era of core services spanning over 2 decades has come to an end.

Yahoo Directory was the core service that had brought the search engine to limelight. Yahoo directory was one of its very first services. List of various information include categories that were distinctly under separate heads for easy search and access by users. The directory that once rivaled DMOZ was used extensively. However, its impact reduced gradually with the arrival of the automated updating directories. Yahoo was still human edited directory which had little significance to the growing number of listings in other directories.
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Vital for past SEO
Yahoo directory had been an essential part of SEO practices in the past. However with the evolution of search engines and changing algorithm the usage of various directories including that of Yahoo changed gradually.
Yahoo was one of the most popular search engines that helped locate information for users. However, it was not technologically sophisticated enough to draw information through page crawl. This was one of the main characteristics that in time brought down Yahoo as the preferred search engine.

The shutdown
The announcement of the Yahoo directory shutdown was announced in September 2014. The announcement was made in Yahoo’s official page of Tumblr with the date mentioned as 31st December. However, Yahoo chose to end the directory services earlier than the assigned date.
The replacement
The Yahoo directory has been replaced by Yahoo Business Pages. Hence if you try to open Yahoo directory, the page will be redirected to the new Yahoo page. Keeping the ease of users in mind, Yahoo has kept most of the layout, familiar to the past, integrating nominal changes in the lists and category.
Yahoo has been transferring the listings from its directory to its various new categories. Initially there were a number of errors that users faced while opening the listing pages. Yahoo announced that the glitch was because of the transfer from the old directory to the new ones. The problems however were soon fixed.
A desperate attempt
Yahoo directory shutdown from the old to the new one seems to be an attempt to revive from what it has lost over the years. However, with big names to compete against, it would be rather tough for Yahoo to gain back its former grounds.

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Is Yahoo Directory Shutdown A Desperate Attempt To Regain Users?


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