Social Media Etiquettes For Parents To Prevent Bullying

Social media has blanketed the entire earth in its virtual world. From 8 to 85, almost everybody has a social media account. Teens and youths are the most active social media users. There has been a rise in social media abuses of late with rising use of it. And the highest number includes teenagers. There are certain social media etiquettes that need to be followed therefore for the good of all.

There have been lots of awareness programs going on to teach the teens about how to maintain social media etiquettes. However, these researches have totally ignored the middle aged and older demography of the society. They have been ignorant of the fact that the grown-ups too can be victims of social media abuse. They might even be the channels through which their children can be subjected to cyber bullying.
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We give a lot of thought when a teen creates a social media account. Sometimes these are opened without the knowledge or consent of the parents. But the truth that we have to accept is that youths are much more compatible with technology than Generation-ex. They are more aware of the security and privacy settings than most of their parents.
How then are the parents to blame?
No parent would want their children to be abused, be it real or virtual. The following social media etiquettes might help prevent such abuses.
Social Media Etiquettes For Parents
It is advisable for everyone to seek permission before posting someone else’s photos or videos on any social media sites. This is applicable for friends, relatives and even parents. You can post photographs taken at family gatherings or at parties. But ensure that you have the permission of the parent before posting a minor’s image.
Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have options for setting the privacy. This can limit the viewing of uploaded images to selected few people. You can also choose the people with whom you want to share the photos.
Seeking permission from parents is necessary especially for the wee ones. However, if parents or relatives want to post an image of their teenage children, it is advisable to seek their permission as well. Parents should talk to their children about social media etiquettes from an early age. However, the age to talk to entirely depends upon the parents. Adolescence is a very sensitive age. It is hard for the parents to understand which images might lead to abuse.
Sharing of images and videos has a more secure way of sharing in the virtual world. Send the photos via E-mail or text your photos rather than publishing it in social media.
Parents of today’s generation did not grow up in a world surrounded with gadgets. The teens of the present generation have each of their private moments captured digitally. These can sometimes be mortifying to them. Hence, even if you find your kids diaper days cute, they might feel embarrassed if the pictures are made public. These may also lead to bullying and abuse. So before uploading a photo, get approval from your teen as well.
It is very important for parents to learn and educate themselves with the simple social media etiquettes. Only then can they make their progeny understand the importance of privacy policies in the social media sites.

Social Media Etiquettes For Parents To Prevent Bullying


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